Tortilla Chips aren't just for salsa or guacamole anymore.

This simple recipe turns corn tortilla chips into a fun new dessert by combining the perfection of chocolate with spicy-sweet chili-infused toffee.  A colorful topping of fresh Candied Jalapenos kicks the heat up a notch.  Adding a pinch of Fleur de Sel will make your taste buds swoon.

Toffee Tortilla Chips are easy to prepare... but as I learned; timing is crucial. If you can find an extra pair of hands to help you during "construction" you'll be glad you did. 

Step 1: The Building Blocks:

Ingredients you'll need:

Store-bought Corn Tortilla Chips (cooked)
8 - 12 oz mini Chocolate chips
2 Tablespoons Fleur de Sel or coarse Sea Salt

Candied Jalapenos- See Step 2 for tools, ingredients and preparation

Chili-infused Toffee- See Step 4 for tools, ingredients and preparation.
is it spicey. if it is. how spicey would you say it is. 1 being mild salsa and 10 being red tabasco.
you've got the thinking wrong here. when it comes to heat (trust me here) a raw jalapeno pepper can be about 6 times hotter than red tobasco sauce. in the grand skeem of things, jalapeno peppers are at the lower end of the spectrum: see chart.<br><br>You can tailor the heat to your needs by blanching the peppers briefly in boiling water. About two minutes should kill most of the heat. Strain the pepper slices and shock them with an ice bath to stop the cooking process.
The heat in these chips come from chili powder in the toffee and the candied Fresno &amp; Jalapeno chiles. <br><br>Generally, the Fresno chiles are milder than Jalapenos.<br><br>If you like a mild flavor, use a mild chili powder and go sparingly on the jalapenos,<br><br>If you want to turn up the heat, use chipotle chili powder in the Toffee. You can also add red pepper flakes to the toffee or sprinkle them on top with the candied Jalapenos.<br><br>Just don't forget to sprinkle the chips with coarse salt. The salty-sweet-heat is irresistable!<br><br>Thanks for asking!
no problem and thank you.<br><br>but yeah. i like the flaver of spicey food. just not the spiceyness that comes with it. lol.
Well... you could always leave out the chile powder and candied Jalapenos if you'd like to convert Tortilla Chips into crunchy, salty Heath Bar treats. The taste is nearly identical and much less expensive. ;-)
WOW! <br>I am trying this next weekend. I love the way chili and chocolate go together.<br>You are so innovative! I voted, am following AND rated you 5 stars. Hope you win!
I am gonna give this a whirl. I have a toffee recipe that I already like that uses saltines. I am gonna do that but replace those with tortilla chips. Oooo........sounds so good.
Awesome... Don't forget to add the chili powder! ;-)
You have went and done it again! This looks goooooood!
lol, girl ... I'm obsessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D

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