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Parties are a great way to celebrate and have fun with your good friends, so to make sure your next party rocks, I've assembled the biggest lifehackers on YouTube to bring you 10 outrageous party tricks your guests will not forget.

In this video you'll see how to;

- Make ice cubes that glow in the dark

- Turn a few rolls of duct tape into a themed hammock

- Make bubbles the size of your car

- Serve 6 soda drinks in an instant

- Start a BBQ with chemistry

- Prank someone with a foaming toast

- Super cool your drinks so they freeze instantly when opened

- BBQ your dinner with an improvised terra-cotta grill

- Turn a trash can into a rocket

- Make snacks that get your guests smoking like dragons

<p>You can crack your teeth by following the cold &quot;dragon smoke snacks&quot; with a warm beverage. I did just that when I drank coffee after eating ice. Not a good idea. Painful, and expensive to fix.</p><p>I WAS relieved that the picture of the guy holding a bottle to his eye was not to suggest doing &quot;eye shots&quot;. That practice can cause corneal ulcers and scarring that can lead to blindness or the need for cornea transplants.</p>
<p>the terracotta pot grill is clever, but cooking food on some random metal grating that could be painted or coated in something gnarly seems ill-advised.</p>
He aluminum foil would likely burn out rather quickly and the metal grate looks like the galvanized metal used under stuccu. &Ntilde;b galvanized=zinc coating which will produce poisonous gas when heated.
<p>We use heavy duty aluminum foil when we are cooking food directly on charcoals. The normal weight stuff doesn't work - you are right it can even catch fire if you are using a wood campfire. But the heavy duty stuff works out quite fine. Probably single use. I also probably would have been tempted to keep that hole in the bottom to increase air-flow on the fire...but then you do have a hot-ash situation under the pot.</p>
<p>What they showed there was not some random mesh, it is actually intended for grilling. You buy that when you want to grill small vegetable or fish and don't want the small pieces to slip between your normal grill racks. They just cut it down to slightly bigger than the pot diameter.</p>
<p>Not to be a spoil sport, but... quinine isn't exactly good for you... use with caution, consult your doctor before use...</p>
<p>Tonic water contains so little quinine that it won't do anything. The dosage for malaria treatment is in the range of grams daily, the amount in a litre of tonic water is more like ~100mg. You'd need to drink litres and litres before you suffered any medicinal effects. A single glass definitely won't harm you unless you have an allergic reaction.</p>
<p>Drinking liters of it though, the sugar in the tonic water and the <em>water</em> in the tonic water will kill you though, before the quinine :)</p>
<p>Dude, </p><p>Not to be a spoil sport, but... cane sugar isn't exactly good for you... use with caution, consult your doctor before use...</p><p>Not to be a spoil sport, but... dihydrogen monoxide isn't exactly good for you... use with caution, consult your doctor before use...</p><p>The point here is to pay attention to what you are doing and research things you don't know about.</p>
<p>Hahaha dihydrogen monoxide I see what you did there :)</p>
What happens if you swallow the cream
Hey for the dragon breath can you just freeze the whipped cream and get the same effect?
<p>No they must be frozen in liquid nitrogen because it must be like -70*C to make some smoke. So it doesn't work with normal freezer. So you need to go to some sort of place where they sell this kind of stuff for factories &amp; stuff. I was 12 y/o when I asked my cousins dad to buy me some dry ice, got one kilo with just 10&euro;. BTW if you eat small bits of dry ice the dragon breath thingie works successfully with it. Recommend that way. if u know what i mean</p>
<p>King of Random is everywhere man blitzkrieg. Thank god you skipped and didnt invited Crazy Russian Hacker.</p>
<p>haha i have to agree with that</p>
<p>Great to see that I'm not the only YouTuber utilizing instructables for YouTube videos. </p><p>I am no where near the level of popularity you are, but congrats on almost 2 Million subscribers. I am happy with my 11K, but would love to get to 30K by the end of the year..</p><p>sincerely a fan for a while now. :D</p><p>Jac (TheVegetarianBaker)</p>
Awesome but can you use potasuim nitrate in potasuim clorites place
<p>@C-R-E-8 that's something to ask on nerdrages channel</p>
The trash can rocket is illegal in the state of California so be careful.
<p>King of Random is everywhere man blitzkrieg. Thank god you skipped and didnt invited Crazy Russian Hacker.</p>
<p>Awesome compilation! Thanks for putting it together!</p>
<p>Oh my gosh...Brian Brushwood...my idol...</p>

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