Toshiba Camileo x100 Firmware and Diagnostic Menu

This allows you to hack an undocumented menu in the camera allowing you to calibrate the auto-focus, CCD noise light/shadow, LCD test, white balance, and possibly more.

I have been informed by others that this also applies to the P30 and H20 Toshiba cameras.

Before you begin, I suggest you have a fully charged battery, remove your memory card, clean your lens, and mount the camera on a tripod.

To view the firmware version and access the diagnostics menu:

1. The camera should be off. Power it on by opening the touch-screen. (This may work by simply using the power button)
2. Press the playback/still-shot button and release it.
3. Then, press the playback/still-shot button again but do not release it.
4. While still pressing the playback/still-shot button, move the zoom lever to the far right and hold both the playback/still-shot and zoom buttons until the firmware version is displayed.
5. From this firmware version screen, press the movie-mode button and hold it down while you move the zoom lever to the right.

You are now in a diagnostic service menu titled "PCBA Test Program". (My camera screen constantly flashes in and out, alternating between the menu and a black screen)

This menu offers the following options:
1. "Playback to LS" - press the Play to check the "Lens Shadow" - the noise matrix.
2. "Up to KLens" - press "Up" to calibrate the lens.
3. "Left to FastLCD" - press "Left" to check the LCD screen.
4. "Right to WB" - press "Right" to adjust the white balance.
5. "DPC"  - press "Down" to select this option (remove your memory card and be sure you have nothing stored to internal memory - it will be erased)

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