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Here I am again with my latest instructable, an awesome & professional looking pendant lamp made of cardboard, and that too totally handmade, which means you don't need any 3D softwares, laser cutter etc. The best part is , it's very simple and easy to make, and once you finish it no one can tell that you have not used any cutting or 3D design tool :-).

So lets get started. 

Step 1: Stuff That You Will Need

So this is what you will need:
  1. A cardboard sheet, I had a big sheet because my metal bed came in that. The type of cardboard used is Triple Wall (see more details about cardboard types here
  2. A heavyduty cutter.
  3. Elmer's glue or Fevicol (in india, I used).
  4. 1 Tracing paper
  5. 1 Carbon paper
  6. An electric cord with bulb holder
  7. CFL or Bulb or LED strip (will tell you later about this)
  8. A pencil
  9. A measuring scale or rular.
  10. Patience..My Friend...Patience. :-)
<p>Looking nice. I will make it tonight.</p>
<p>Check out my new lamp Tarun :)</p><p>https://www.instructables.com/id/Cardboard-Table-Lamp/</p>
This is such a great idea. And congrats on being a featured author
<p>Thank you so much :). I am super excited.</p>
It's a really nice instructable! <br>In step 5, I am feeling uncertain that whether the glue (not the type of it, just the glue), with which the top is attached to the pentagon below, after suspending the completed lamp in air , would be able hold the weight of the pentagon below it (for longer times)... But, also, I think that the lamp can be placed on a table also...??
Hi, Thank you so much. <br>Cardboard is pretty light weight and glue like fevicol hold it together very well if you generous amount of it and allow it to dry completely. The lamp is hanging at my home for months without any issue. Also the pentagon on top is a tight fit. <br> <br>You can also put it on the table top but you might need to keep it inverted and attach the bulb in such a way that the holder is completely inside the lamp such that it does not result in an uneven base. <br> <br>Hope this helps.
Hello, thank you! <br>Yes, you are right about the way to keep it on the top of a table.. I thought of one way to do it; that the same completed lamp be built first, and then build a small pentagon of cut pieces of cardboard (like the earlier step) above the holder's side, till that pentagon totally covers the holder's area coming out of the glued pentagon top cover and then keep it on the table with the bulb upwards. This way lamp will get a base to stand upon. But, I will have to be sure that the bulb does not touch any inner walls of the pentagon to prevent any danger of fire.
I like the simplicity of it. I wonder how this would look spray painted and clear coat? might hold up longer.
Thank you for stopping by. Spray painted and clear coat will certainly add more life to it.
Cool ! <br> <br>One thing you should be more specific : how much coffee do I need ?&hellip;
Finally someone asked the secret of trade question :D. I guess enough to kill one night's sleep if you are keen to finish it in a day :D LOL <br> <br>Thanks for stopping by :)
You mean it's that long ???? <br>Well&hellip; Let me tink again &hellip;&nbsp; LOL - LOL ;D !
If you are going to cut 145 cardboard strips by hand I guess coffee would certainly add to the perseverance :D LOL
Good job! This looks great - and looks like it would take a while to cut out so many pieces - well worth it I'm sure!
Thanks HollyMann for appreciation. Yes it took me a day to cut those many pieces, initially it was really slow but as I figured out the trick, it was relatively faster. I used a steel measuring scale and my heavy duty cutter. I do not have a bigger work table which I guess would have surely helped to speed up.
Wow awesome! And congratulations on winning too!!! You definitely deserve it. I am glad you commented on my lampshade today because now I can look at all your beautiful creations!!! I'm sure you'll win many more contests! :) I like your style!
Holly I am speechless by all the wonderful comments you made on my iBles :). All I can say is Thank you so much. I hope I will be able to make more of your liking.
Thank you Tarun and thanks for the patch too! :) I love the stuff you've made and love it when people are so creative and passionate about it! You're awesome and I hope you have a great Friday!
Thanks Holly :) I am so happy that you like my stuff so much.
My heartfelt thanks to all the voters of this iBle and the viewers . I won the Cardboard and Duct tape contest and got Second Prize :-)
Heartiest congratulations!!!! Ur art won n u deserve it:-):-)
Congratulation!on making to the finalist.
Thank you so much :). I am really excited about it..
<strong>Hey tarun... this is such a superb idea to lighting your house... easy to make.. Keep up the good one..!!!</strong>
Thank you so much :)
Wow.... really cool:)
Thanks sunFlow3r :), Just checked your cardboard computer...very cool
I really love this... I have many shipments from Amazon each month and this is a great idea as far as what to do with all those boxes!
jkraus1, Thanks for the appreciation. Amazon shipments..sounds fun :-). Get started.
This is just awesome! <br>Deserves a vote! (Y)
Thank you so much Siddharth :)
I love the way the light reflects through the lamp! thanks for sharing your hard work and do have a splendorous day! <br>sunshiine
Thank you sunshine for the kind words. Please vote for me if it deserves.

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