Inspiration for this Costume:
The pleading eyes of my child who had just asked to be a real “transforming transformer” for Halloween. After I stopped laughing, I started crying...sigh.


Motivation for creating this Instructable:
You. Because if you’re reading this right now it means you’ve recently heard this outrageous plea yourself. You’ve found what I didn’t find: step-by-step instructions for a transforming auto-bot. Here’s to your adventure! May you experience the magical gleam in your child’s eyes this Halloween and feel like an invincible super hero when you hear others telling your child that he has “The Coolest Mom Ever!” 


So what does it take?


1 giant mess (Let’s be honest, could it be so incredible without one??)


3 boxes of similar widths and varying heights

1 average size roll of each:

  blue duct tape

  red duct tape

  gray duct tape

1 can chrome colored spray paint
1 can of black spray paint (ask around the neighborhood for these)
4 wide mouth mason jar canning lids (no rings)

1 black sheet of card stock

8 dessert size paper plates

1 sheet of nonstick parchment paper

1 yard of ribbon

1 yard of elastic

2 under cabinet LED lights

2 red LED bicycle lights or bicycles reflectors

Other various and random cardboard components lying around your house


I exploited the garbage and used what was on hand already, so the total cost for my Optimus Prime was about $20.

Step 1: Step One: Foundation

Measure the chest width of the future auto-robot.

Add an inch or so to this measurement for ease purposes.

Take this number and search for three boxes with the same width* and differing heights*.


*Keep in mind that it can’t be so wide that person is unable to lower their arms. It needs to be comfortable sitting on the chest and under the arms.


*As long as the widths of the boxes are similar, it is possible to adjust the height and or length of a box by piercing through one side of the cardboard while leaving the other side in tact and folding it down as detailed.

*When choosing cardboard, be aware that any existing holes may create weakness later on; especially, along the vertical weight bearing sides.   
<p>i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy i found this you have no idea how long ive been looking!! thank you thank you thank you!!!!</p>
My son wanted to be Optimus Prime this year. And he added a bonus: an actual TRANSFORMING Optimus Prime. So glad I found this! You rock! Thanks for sharing. ^_^
\_('_')_/ cool
Awesome! <br>
This is seriously super-cool. My son is only 9.5 months old, so he hasn't asked for one of these yet, but when he does...I'll be ready!
You ARE the coolest Mum EVER!!! ....apart from mine, of course...then again, she never made me an Optimus Prime costume! <br>
That is awesome. I love the transformation!
Thanks! I love Halloween for one reason: &quot;creation!&quot;
Totally awesome! Great job! Gotta love that gleam, thats what its all about :)
Awe how super cool is this!

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