After finding an old beat up tailgate sitting in a junk pile, I decided it needed to be made into something cool. What better way to display it than to make an awesome sitting bench out of it! I hope that maybe some of you guys build one too and show me your take on this project!

Step 1: Measuring/Cutting Materials

I decided to use 4x4 treated posts for this project for the frame. It would be way more rigid than a 2x4 and for the size of the bench it looks more aesthetically pleasing. After measuring the tailgate, I went an inch longer so I would have a 1/2" gap on each side. I cut my spreader this long. I also used a chair height that was comfortable to decide how tall to make the seat part and added the tailgate's height to make sure it was long enough. The picture is of the 3 pieces mocked up after cutting.

<p>nice job how many 4x4 did you use and how many decking boards </p>
Thanks! Took 3 of each!
<p>thank you :)</p>
Oh and at 10' long
<p>I really like this one and I'm going to try to make one myself one day. The difficult bit is the logo painting; notoriously difficult to get right. I have one suggestion: I wonder if it would be more comfy if the back had a slight rake on it, maybe 15 deg.</p>
Yes logo painting was pretty tough. I used duct tape to mask it off roughly then I used a razor blade to carefully trim. It took a WHILE. Still wasn't perfect but works with the distressed look of the gate. And the way mine is built is the actual sitting part is a bit deeper than normal so when you sit you actually lean back some before you hit it. So all in all there is a slight angle to it. Thanks for your comment and best of luck on yours! Please share when you do it!
<p>Other than it being a Ford, I love this idea! Way to use something old and give it new life!</p>
With ya! I'm more of a chevy guy myself but when it's free it's free!
Haha, yep, can't complain with free. It still looks mighty fine and I'd be tickled pink to have something like that in my yard! Great functional piece of art.<br>
<p>Great job! Here's my version I have been making.</p>
Looks great!
<p>Great job! We did a truck tailgate bed and we love it.</p>
That is awesome! Something I may try in the future.
<p>looks real good!</p>

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