Triangle Mine From Star Wars


Introduction: Triangle Mine From Star Wars

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Here is one more tutorial about my mandalorian costume.
You'll need for it the following:
1) Diffetent paint
2) PVC sheet
3) LED, batteries and other electronics
4) Sheet of heater
5) Putty
6) Glue

Step 1: Beginning

First what you need is to draw a template of your mine. I wanted to wear it on my chest like havoc trooper from "The old Republic", so i made this explosion in 2 times smaller than original size. After making a template, cut off this detail out of heater and make a normal shape, using stationary knife. Then cut off a bottom of your mine out of PVC and glue it on your detail

Step 2: Electronics

Make a simple lamp (nothing special) and put it in the centre of the mine. After that add some details and paint. You can also do weathering if you want with acrylic paint, in one of my instructables i've already described this process

Step 3: Final

Glue it on a seat belt and fix with your armor kit. That's all, thanks for your attention and good luck in craft!



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    dude, that's sweet! how did you make the second photo of yourself? photoshop?

    5 replies

    Thanks a lot)
    Yes, that's photoshop, but not my work

    what, someone else did it for you?

    yeah, that was my good friend-photograph)

    oh and PS your new armor and helmet paint job look BOSS

    Thanks, that's not the final variant, new helmet is in process