I've gotten quite a few requests for a tutorial on the lips I wore to SF Pride.

You can follow these steps with any 3 colors of lipstick or face pencil. I will be using pencils. You can use lipstick but if you do, I recommend using a lip brush to apply your colors.

Your lips should always be the last thing you apply to your face. This prevents you from smudging your lips while trying to apply eye makeup or getting foundation/concealer on your perfect ombré puckers! I do my makeup in the order of eyes>face>lips. Of course, people have their preferences of what should go first or last.

Don't be afraid to get messy! We can always clean up later :)

Pick your weapons of choice and let's do this!

Please excuse how dry my lips are for this tutorial. They are sunburnt :(

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:

1) Some liquid foundation of concealer.

2) Three colors of face pencil or lipstick.

3) Translucent powder, either pressed or loose is okay.

Products I'm using:
1) Kat Von D. Lock-It Tattoo Concealer - Shade 16

2) Blue pencil: OCC Pencil - Pool Boy

Green Pencil: MAC Chromagraphic Pencil - Landscape Green

Purple Pencil: MAC Chromagraphic Pencil - Rich Purple

3) MAC Prep&Prime Translucent Pressed Powder

<p>This looks awesome! I love the bold colors! How do you get your makeup brushes clean after doing all of this?</p>
<p>Thank you! Definitely give it a try sometime :) </p><p>I use baby shampoo to clean my brushes. The baby shampoo is not harsh on both synthetic and real hair brushes. It also makes your hands smooth as a baby's bottom! Maybe I should make an Instructable for this as well, haha!</p><p>There are a number of ways to clean brushes but I find this is the most cost and time effective. </p><p>- Apply nickel sized glob of baby shampoo to the palm of your hand. </p><p>- Wet your dirty brush, and apply into the glob in your palm. Stroke back and forth like you would if you were painting. Some brushes will create suds, others won't, I wouldn't worry about that too much. Pressure and speed will depend on the brush but for most of my brushes I apply medium pressure and stroke pretty quickly. I do this for maybe 10-20 seconds each.</p><p>- Rince your brush of shampoo completely, but not your hand! If there is still residue on your brush, using the same shampoo already on your hand, repeat stroking pattern. </p><p>- To save shampoo, you can use the same glob for 2-3 brushes. It doesn't matter that the shampoo may be the pigment you just washed off your brush. The shampoo should still do it's job. </p><p>- Once cleaned to satisfaction, let dry either bristles down (clothesline system works well for this) or sideways. I lay mine on a raised surface, parallel to the horizon, with the wet brush part hanging off the edge. I typically use a book or makeup case for my raised surface. Use a book you don't mind getting wet!</p><p>- Most brushes will need 2-5 hours to dry so ensure you only clean your brushes if you won't have to use them in the near future. Powder brushes and foundation brushes might take up to 7 or 8 hours to dry. </p><p>Hope this is helpful :)</p>
<p>Yeah, you should definitely do an Instructable on it!</p>
<p>Thanks for all the tips! Definetly sounds like it is worth an Instructable :)</p>
<p>have to try it </p>
Cute I love it
<p>Makeup genius! this was really detailed and helpful! </p>
<p>congrats on the win :)</p>
<p>Thank you so much! I am very excited&lt;3</p>
<p>Congratulations on being a finalist in the Hair and make-up <br>contest!Best of luck to you! </p>
<p>Thank you!!! </p>
<p>This is really cool! About how long does it stay on for?</p>
<p>That will vary depending on the products you use but for this look specifically, when I did the test run before Pride, it lasted 6 hours and probably would have lasted longer if I wasn't taking it off to go to bed.</p><p>At Pride, I think I wore it around for 3-4 hours before I took it off to eat. Again, it probably would have survived longer but I didn't feel like being a dainty eater ;P </p>
I love this! I can't wait to try it out.!
<p>Oooo! Let me know if you do :D</p>
Okay, here it is!
<p>I LOVE your choice of colors! You did great with the blending :)</p>
I did it yesterday, but I forgot to take a picture. I will do it again today, and I will get a photo this time!
<p>Dude, you're amazing.</p>
<p>Beautiful work! (I just wish the fashion for lipstick outside the liplines would hurry up and disappear forever)</p>
<p>Thank you :) </p><p>To each their own. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea.</p><p>I think it's one of the best things to happen to the beauty world. Then again, I'm obsessed with drag queens and really &quot;out there&quot; makeup and face art so &quot;unnatural&quot; looking makeup doesn't bother me. Even if it wasn't a trending fashion, I would still do it because I just adore what it can do for the face. </p>
That I can respect, and if the whole make-up composition is over-the-top, then it's only apropos :)
omg, I love the red, white and blue lips! It looks like you ate one of those rocket pops, haha. Happy 4th of July!
<p>Showing off my patriotism and subtlety ;P</p>
<p>Wow! Those are some awesome colors! I love the tutorial.</p>
<p>Thank you! I love colorful makeup, as you can tell haha :)</p><p>Glad you liked it :D</p>
<p>if you need something to remove the make up after you are done as odd as it is try baby wipes</p>
<p>That's good advice for anyone looking for a good makeup removing technique. They work well. It's gentle on the skin, as baby products need to be. </p><p>Virgin olive oil on a cloth/paper towel works well too, for eyes especially! It's good for the skin too. Sprinkle a little bit of sugar on it and gently use on your face, this is actually really good for your skin and helps remove foundation really well but don't press too hard or your face will get red due to the sugar grains. </p><p>For me, however, I hate the smell of baby wipes/baby powder/baby lotion. Whenever I wash my brushes with baby shampoo, it's always scentless but still smells slightly like baby powder so I've switched to an organic lavender shampoo. (Instructable on washing brushes to come!)</p><p>I use the MAC makeup removing wipes. I've tried other makeup removing wipes/sprays/oils, but I'm happy with the MAC wipes :)</p>
wow that looks two nice i will try that when i am allowed makeup
<p>Thank you! I hope you are allowed makeup soon :D</p>
<p>GREAT lips !!! A new dimension !! &quot; In whAT?&quot; you ask???</p><p>&quot;does it maTTER&quot; I reply!</p>
<p>Thank you, kindly!</p>
<p>thank you, this is awesome!!! ; )</p>
<p>So glad you like it&lt;3</p>
<p> Dazzling.! ~ :- }</p>
<p>Well thank you :)</p>
<p>Very nice. Thanks for posting this!</p>
<p>Thank you! My pleasure :D Makeup is my obsession. One of many, but predominantly so&lt;3 </p>
<p>Thanks for the love, Einstein123&lt;3 </p>
Have you tried this with sealing gel to protect the application? just curious. I use Anastasia beauty genius over my eye and lip applications to help it last. especially if you are taking photos or filming, where you need to keep a look for several hours of seamless wear.
<p>I haven't, that's a good idea though!</p><p>I haven't had to seal the pigment before. Since I use pencils, the color stays really well. Wouldn't hurt to seal for some extra wear :)</p>
<p>Wow, cool! :)</p>
<p>Thanks :D</p>
Love your lips
<p>Thank you, so much :)</p>
I so wanna try this so beautiful!!
<p>You should! Please let me know if you do :) I'd love to see photos!</p>

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