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pizzidave2 years ago

Congrats on the win!! Looking foward to more great things from you! (no pressure!)

You should apply for the Instructables fashion position, you have a great vibe for it!

Stephyyisms (author)  pizzidave2 years ago

Thanks Pizzidave! I didn't even know there was a fashion position at Instructables haha but that sounds awesome!

You say you're a Linguist; any tips for a young conlanger?

Stephyyisms (author)  Finrod Felagund2 years ago

I'm definitely not a linguist, yet :)

You're probably better off asking someone with a degree in linguistics.

I just posted an instructable that you might like :) Tell me what you think!

Stephyyisms (author)  chocolatechip2 years ago

Just did! Left you a comment there too but I love it! Great work :)

Hey there! Can't wait to see your first Instructable!

Posted it and entered the beauty competition!