This easy troll doll costume allows you to dress up as your favorite toy from growing up, without doing any serious damage to your hair. 

Whether you collected them as a kid, or want to make fun of the modern-day troll found in comment threads, this costume is quick to pull together and a nostalgic hit for any costume party. 

Step 1: Hair

Let's get the trickiest part of this costume over with first: the hair. To capture the unruly nature of the troll doll's hair, I suggest buying a long, relatively plain, wig. I did some serious damage to mine, so there's no need to get anything high-end.

First, brush out any tangles in your wig. It's important to keep in mind that the longer your wig is, the bigger a challenge it will be to prop up and walk around with. I hung mine upside down, and gave it a bit of a trim. Be sure to keep some of these scraps to cover the netting later on.

Once your wig's the desired length, dunk it in some glue. Elmers is fine. The hair on your wig is plastic, so don't bother with proper hair products - glue worked better.  After you've fully saturated it, brush through again with the comb as best you can. Then hang up overnight to dry. 

After the hair's dry, use your comb and tease the hair by brushing down towards the "root." This will add a lot of volume and cause a bit of "troll dandruff," but that's easy enough to shake out. 
<p>I'm making a twin toddler troll costumes, and the wig tutorial was a great help! Thanks so much for your tutorial.</p>
<p>I wonder if using a blow dyer would heat shrink the plastic? Too cool!</p>
<p>I could totally do this with my blue Marge Simpson wig! Thanks! I added it to my <a rel="nofollow">Party time 70's style</a> page of my Disco-ball pumpkin Instructable. Thank you! </p>
<p>Awe, where's a male version?!</p>
Oh my gosh this is so creative! I never would have thought of this costume, and it looks great xD Very nicely done, and it doesn't even seem too complicated; I might even try it myself!
this is possibly the most disturbing 'ible ever... but good job! <br>
That looks nice! The costume too.
Cool hair! It could be adapted to suit other costumes.
Nice! That's amazing :D
Cute...good job!
Great idea, but you might want to add a picture of one of the actual dolls as a reference for those who don't know what they are, or for those who call them by their other name of &quot;wishing troll&quot;.
good call - just added a link!
That is really cool. <br>
Omg this is great. I remember these wish troll dolls from when I was a little girl. I love this idea. Super cute :)
Oooh, that was clever with the hair insert!
Nice job! Love the hair! Now hopefully people will know what you are ...I grew up with Troll dolls ..but the younger generations..not sure... :)

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