Step 5: Disc Modification for 9V Battery

After a lot of testing the battery in the disc runs out. It uses 6 little watch batteries which aren’t easy to replace. I wanted to wear this costume out, and if I ran out of batteries, I wanted to be able to go to the nearest shop and buy batteries to stick into the disc, without having to open it up with a screwdriver.

The only place to fit a 9V batttery is at the top end of the disc. This is where the break in the inner “C” ring of the disc is. Currently that’s where the speaker and sound chip are stored. The 9V battery will not fit completely into the disc but will stick out discreetly. Open up the disc again and cut out the speaker and the chip it’s attached to. Tape up exposed wires. Now heat a screwdriver tip or a sharp knife over a candle, and cut away the plastic that held the speaker and chip. You will also need to cut a small way into the disc rim on both halves of the disc. Make sure you only cut away a hole that in the end makes a tight fit for the 9V battery.

Next, unscrew the battery door, remove the original 6x watch batteries and replace the battery door. Now open up the disc and disconnect the wire we ran from the circuit board to the battery neg line, and instead connect it to the battery neg line on the 9V battery clip. Next, connect the battery clip’s pos line to the disc’s original battery pos line. Run the battery clip wires neatly along the disc down to where the 9V battery will slot in. I used a lot of electrical insulation tape to cover up exposed wires.

Attach a 9V battery to the battery clip, tape it up so it’s black, and test. You’ll find the disc now shines about twice as bright as it did with the original watch batteries. Close the disc and push the taped up battery in. You may have to cut a little more around the disc rim in order to get the battery to fit perfectly.

Note: You will now have to make a small notch on the battery disc holder so that the disc fits on with the battery protruding out of it.
<p>Try Spandex next time. It's breathable and VERY flexible. You also might want to reconsider the EL wire as it is truly ugly when not lit. EL wire is also not easily repaired when it breaks, which it most certainly will when you move even the slightest bit.</p>
<p>Actually, EL wire creates a long thin line. In the original movie they used post production effects, i.e. special effects, to make the glowing lines. In this movie they used they same technique (much improved as it was) since there is no real reason to overburden the actor with extra weight. There is another instructable here that uses a really good technique. In that you use strip LEDs to create a diffused light that has a nice glow to it while still lighting up the entire area desired. It uses faux letahr sections to block the light in areas you don't want to light up.</p>
<p>good one</p>
AWESOME tutorial.
i think i love you..... BEST SUIT EVER !!!! going to do this nest year for comicon! (being a hobbit this year but it took minimal effort and i want to do something people will be amazed at so ill be a program from tron so atleat ill glow!) :D thank you!!! <br>but how much do you think these things will cost?? (just planning ahead)
Best use of a wetsuit ever - awesome!
i so agree with you ...
Thank you :)
Poor poor Swiss Army Knife :-( Haha, great project. Be kind to your SAK in future projects :-)
How much did everything cost?
best work ever seen

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