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Introduction: Tube Bender

I would have liked it to make a new seat for my recumbent bicycle and for it was necessary some aluminium tubes and to bend those on proper shape. In our town I have not found a place to bend some tubes and I have decided to make my own tube bender for this work.

Step 1: Preparing

First time I went to scrap metal depot to find the necessary materials. I found some rusty pieces there. At home prepared the other pieces. I rounded the sharp heels of the laminated wood base, and my friends and his dad helped me to weld a handle and one more piece on the main forming wheel.

Step 2: Mounting

Once all the components was together, I installed bearings in the wheels, I put all components an the base ti find the correct position and place for the components and I drilled the holes for each pieces. I used M10 metric bolts to obtain a massive construction, and because the support for the wheels from the scrap depot was also very thick and robust.

Step 3: The Result

Immediatly after the assemling I tested my tube bender with a piece of plastic pipe with aluminium insert. I also drilled two more holes for fixing the base on a bigger working table. The whole tube bender is portable, the maximum dimension is ca. 40 cm on each side, and it's really heavy. I will use this only for 20 mm diameter aluminium tubes for my new seat.

Step 4: First Use



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    err what di the wheels come from....I mean , I can bend emt I did it long enough, but what kind of wheels and then the frames to hold the wheels. Perhaps a smattering of theory of why you do things the way you do. Plus allowances, for bends.


    The wheels are from scrapyard, EMT also working, holding frame is plywood and also from scrapyard are the wheel holding metal pieces, Bend Allowance BA=90*(3.14/180)*(60+(16/2/20)*20)=106.76mm
    90degrees of max bend, pii, 180, 60mmradiusofthewheel, 16/2mminnerradiusofaluminumtube, 20mmouterdiameteroftube.
    Formula must be corected if tube has 22 or 16mm outer diameter what actually are the possible tube sizes.

    If the handle was cranked to clear the other pulley it would be possible to bend up to 180 degrees.

    Great build - thanks for sharing this.

    Can you show us with a video how you work your tube bender?

    Yes, now I have the video:

    Congratulations, to you as. You....

    Have covered the one point missing from most tube benders,

    By using two wheels same size flat spots are overcome in your bending,each wheels slight rotation while bending compensates for what otherwise is drag causinng tube to collapse into flat spots

    Again congradulations

    This is great! Thanks so much for this idea. I am making one of these before too long.