Picture of Turn Crutches into Stilts
Are you short? Ever wanted to be as tall as everyone else? Well, now you can!  You can now feel tall, important, and awesomely-epic! 

Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need

1 old pair of crutches 

xinistrom4 years ago
would be ironic if you break your leg using this xD
SWV17874 years ago
If you have enough crutches of the same height you could also make a crutch tripod.
That's completely awesome! Thanks for posting and putting up the link.
shveet SWV17874 years ago
can you post up an ible for that? that would be awesome since i have more then a few pairs of crutches in my basement.
McNoodle (author)  SWV17874 years ago
thats pretty cool
jacqsquin4 years ago
yea this is very good idea.
i did this a very long time ago. ifeel cheated :(
knektek4 years ago
Yeah, this is cool, but you can always donate them back to the hospital or healthcare assiciated stuff with crutches... but this ible makes that out of the question...
hawkfrost644 years ago
slick. I think there's a pair of crutches in my basement....
joey994 years ago
I looked at this instructible after i did this same exact thing.
thegreat584 years ago
This is a cool idea, if you fall and break something, the crutches are right there.
McNoodle (author)  thegreat584 years ago
l8nite4 years ago
Neat idea but I would suggest testing the handgrip with your weight before really attempting this. I use basically the same crutches as stakes for halloween ghouls (after cutting off the toppad) while trying to drive the ends in the ground I pushed on the handgrip with my foot, instead of going in the ground the screw/bolt ripped through the thin metal but then Im just a couple of tacos short of 250lbs. Just attempt with caution.....