Twinkling Branches Room Divider





Introduction: Twinkling Branches Room Divider

Add a little magic to your home with a twinkling branches room divider!

Step 1: Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

Step 2: You'll Need

6 - 24" long 1"x3" pine boards

6 - 60" long 1"x3" pine boards

24 -1 1/4" wood screws

18 - 3/4" wood screws


4 - 2" long hinges

Thick galvanized wire

Wire cutters

Americana Decor Chalky Finish in Rustic and Serene



Sanding block

12 - 60" long branches

Step 3: Create the Frames

Create four 24" x 60" frames by connecting each corner with two 1 1/4" long wood screws

Connect the frames together using the 2" long hinges

*make sure that the frames are in a zigzag pattern

Drill three screws on the top and bottom of each frame leaving 1/4" sticking out

Step 4: Paint and Prep

Attach the galvanized wire around the 3/4" screws from top to bottom

on each of the three frames

*You will be attaching the branches to these wires

Paint the edges of the room divider with the Rustic Chalky Finish paint

*You can be messy with this color

When dry, rub wax over the Rustic paint

Paint the entire room divider in the Serene Chalky Finish and let dry

Step 5: Add the Branches

Sand the edges of the room divider to expose the Rustic color underneath and to give the room divider a shabby chic/antique feel

Cut about 30 - 5" long pieces of wire

Attach the branches to the wire that was stretched from the top to the bottom

of each frame of the divider

*Clip the branches that extend over the edges

Wrap the white Christmas tree lights around the branches and plug it in!



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    Thank you Mark for posting this. I was looking for an art project that combined my love of trees and didn't involve too many power tools. I have always wanted to do something unique and offer at a local craft fair benefiting people with anxiety. I hope I can use your idea, if you're okay with that. I always believed and still do that nature has a calming and restorative effect on people. The lights really enhance it and I look forward to turning the "normal" lights off. Our family is so "turned off" by lights that we call the kitchen table light the interrogation light. I will have many happy hours of activity. I hope I can use your picture as a prototype until I finish my first one?

    Thank you so much. ...i love them & i am going to make one.

    Do you have any instructables for home offices?

    Not really. But, I will give it some thought and see what I can come up with!

    Hi Mark - did you treat the branches with anything?

    I didn't, but in retrospect I probably should have coated them with a Minwax polycrylic or something. They're holding up fine, but they could get brittle.

    I think this would be great sized down to table top size. Love ur work!

    I can just see this on my front porch at Christmas time!!!

    Approximately how many lights were in the set you used for this? Thanks