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Introduction: Two Pallet Table

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This was my second pallet project after my Pallet Computer Desk. I made it to go along side my first desk to give a little more storage and table space.
This time around to start with I ripped apart two pallets all the way down to the boards and 2X4s, planed everything just enough to get rid of any splinters, and built the whole thing from scratch using only the wood I salvaged.
Compared to my first one It is much sturdier, (I can stand on it, not that I have to though haha) and the drawers slide in and out much better.
Pallets continue to be a great source of free lumber to build furniture. Make sure you are allowed to bring them in the house before you build haha.



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    I like it, but the download has no direction in at all. Please can you share?

    I also made some tables from wood pallets but not as nice as yours. I would love to know how you made the table with the drawers. Could you post the plans?

    I like it and would do that for my home.

    You did a grand job Dave. Thank you for sharing....I love your table. Some of us have to use whatever we can get and do the manual labor to achieve it....and I think you did a fine job......

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    Thank you very much! I'm glad you understand. That was my point exactly, to mix a little creativity with whatever materials I could find. I also had fun doing it of course!

    awesome job re-purposing the pallets.

    pfred I have to disagree with you. If Dave managed to make something useful and enjoyed doing it then it was time well spent.

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    Thanks for all the positive feedback lorddrake. I'm glad you like it!