Introduction: Two Quicky Directional Wifi Antennas

Picture of Two Quicky Directional Wifi Antennas

These are just a couple of wifi antennas I cooked up real quick.

If you are interested in antennas, check this one out:

Step 1: Parts Needed

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Usb wifi adapter.
Usb extension cable.
Plastic salad bow.
2 coat hangers
Large parabolic screen from children's toy.

Wire cutters

Step 2: Parabolic Antenna Prep

Picture of Parabolic Antenna Prep

Take parabolic screen and use wire cutters to make a hole for the usb wfi adapter to fit.
Insert wifi adapter.
Lay unit face down for a minute.

Step 3: Finish Parabolic Screen.

Picture of Finish Parabolic Screen.

Bend coat hanger to make stand for antenna
Insert stand into parabolic screen.

Step 4: Salad Bowl Antenna

Picture of Salad Bowl Antenna

Drill hole in salad bowl to fit usb wifi adapter.
Surround bowl with foil.
Tape down.
Insert wifi adapter.
Lay bowl face down fior a minute.

Step 5: Mount

Picture of Mount

Bend coat hanger to fit.

Step 6: Finish Salad Bowl Antenna

Picture of Finish Salad Bowl Antenna

Bend coat hanger to support bowl.
Put bowl in stand.

Hope you enjoy these directional wifi antennas.

Step 7: Mount It.

Picture of Mount It.

We decided to take a previous project and modify it for this project. Never ending uses for tripods.

Step 8: Home Made Parabola?

Picture of Home Made Parabola?

I had been thinking about solar cookers when I found this small picture of a parabola form. Seemed unusable at first. So using a image viewer, I enlarged the picture and then printed out. After that I then cut around the splines with scissors. I taped it up. A parabola it is.

Then comes the fun part. I printed out a second form and then glued aluminium foil to the form. Let that dry. then used the scissors to cut around the form again. Looking more interesting. Then I taped up the spines together to get an aluminium foil parabola. Now I am working on an even larger version. Awsome!

Step 9: More Precise Parabola,

Picture of More Precise Parabola,

Article that is about experimenting with parabolas.


servant74 (author)2011-02-18

I was wondering if aluminum paint would work instead of the foil?

Thanks for the instructable.

daiatlus79 (author)servant742012-06-19

if the paint contains actual aluminium in a considerable concentration, i cannot see why not.

Computothought (author)servant742011-02-18

Thank you for the comment. That would be a good question to ask the maker of the paint you expect to use. You could try it and if it does not work, you can still do the foil.

agis68 (author)2010-09-30

U should use better images...What if my wife need her salad ball?

Another instructable on the same issue...I prefer a metal parabolic dish but anyway....

Computothought (author)agis682011-04-04

You can get those bowls for a dollar. as for the images.

ac7ss (author)2011-04-04

I have used a pie tin as a reflector, I mounted it 1/4 wavelength from the vertical antenna. (just mounted the receiver on the wall and put the tin over it.)

Computothought (author)2010-09-30

Thankyou for your comment. When I get a chance I probably will replace it.

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