Step 5: Wiring the Switch

This is the last part of this instructable  and should go pretty smoothly.
1.This was a printer cable. Just cut off the end that goes to the printer.
2. Insert into the hole in the rear of the lantern base.
3. Strip back a couple of inch's exposing 4 wires Red Black Green White, We want to cut away the the Green and the White we only want to use the Red & Black wire's.
4. I have to say the best way to gain access to the tank area was to just grab the Tin Snips and cut the bottom out and be replaced with a thin piece of wood or plastic cover of some kind I have yet to find... But tut tut it's not important as you most likely wont see the underside often unless it's hanging.
5.LED's can't run on 5 volts DC or they will burn out and all your hard work making a globe will be for nothing, so to solve this problem we need to add an resistor to the positive side of the line, I have had great success with 1.4 Ohm resistors I bought on ebay for dirt. You can see the positive side of the USB is connected to the switch on one side and then the resistor on the other side of the switch witch is inturn wired to the positive wire going to the light board. the Black wire (negative) from the USB  is wired directly to the negative of the light board thus completing the circuit. 
6.Turn on your light & enjoy!
question, how hard would it be to wire in a battery pack?
Very easy. <br>Just don't exceed more then 4.5 volts without a resistor. <br>
thank you
If anyone needs any help with any part of this Instructable feel free to ask. :)
circuit diagram pl. Are 9 LEDs in series or parallel ? Sat
Absoulty wonderful! That's my dad, he makes me so proud. It takes an Artistic person to create such cool things from scrap metal and odds and evens around the house, into things i have never seen in my life but yet the coolest things i've seen in my life. Keep up the great work dad. I love you.
My number1 Fan!! Thank you sweetheart glad you like it.<br>Bring me things to rip apart on your way home :D
Dang straight!
So this 9 LED setup will run on all of the power options you stated? Lithium 3.7 v. phone battery, AA's, or AAA's batteries too? Do I have to change the resistor size or anything else ? Maybe I can hide the AA's or AAA's, or 3.7 v. phone battery under the base. Along with the USB plug so it can be switched from one to the other. ? I just have to figure out the wiring so I can go from one power source to the other. Sounds like fun! Wish me luck!
Also I have a switch that I pulled off an old PSU (not for PC) I am including a photo of it Im not sure what it is called but it can do what you want
Hello:<br>Yes it will run on 3 AAA batteries without a resistor. As the flashlight comes with 3 AAA so there will be no problem with that power source.<br>Anything over 4 volt's is kinda risky without a resistor for LED's. I'm not 100% sure on how big of a resistor you would if you went over 4 or 5 volt's. I do know that 1.4 Ohm resistor works really well for me with my 3.7 volt lithium cell battery on all my lamps, it is my power test power supply before I connect to my USB.<br>The wiring is extremely simple I will try my best to make a diagram and post on the last page of this iInstructable.<br><br>If you use batteries they will replace USB cable, wiring remains the same only the power source has changed.
Well Done!
This is great...thanks for sharing.
Great job! It first caught my eye because it resembles my instructable, <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Steampunk-USB-mini-Lantern/" rel="nofollow">Steampunk USB mini-lantern</a>. Then I realized that your is actually full-size!<br> <br> Great photos, and I particularly like the way you made your own LED bulb.<br> <br> One suggestion: You might want to consider stylizing the USB cable, as I did with my <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Steampunk-USB-cable/" rel="nofollow">Steampunk USB Cable</a>.<br> <br> You got my vote for the Shopbot challenge!
Thank you I am glad you like it!<br>I had to make something for a globe as this lantern didn't have one when I saved it from certain death from the local trash man. And thank you for the great idea to stylize the USB cable i'm gonna look for something to cover it up and post new photo.<br>And I want to thank all of you for you taking the time to look at my stuff.<br>Kirk. AKA grasshopper1221 <br>

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