Rubber duckies are great and all, but they don't have enough lasers. I was hoping that the little guys would evolve in the right direction, but it took too long so I had to take matters into my own hands. Oh, and of course it needs to be powered by USB.

Step 1: Get Your Stuff

USB cable? Check.
2 6mm red laser diodes from dealextreme? Check.
Rubber duckie? Oh yeah

Step 2: Wire Up the Lasers

This is some really basic soldering here. These two laser diodes are being wired in parallel. Basically, just connect everything up like the picture below and solder it together.

Then you can wrap a bit of electrical tape so you don't short the wire.

Step 3: Drill Out the Eyes

We need holes in the eyes! Drill!

Step 4: Pop in the Lasers

Cut an X in the bottom of the duck so you can access the inside and stick the laser diodes in. With a little bit of finesse, you'll get them to come out through the eyes.

Step 5: Glue and Align

Use some hot glue on the outside and inside to stick the diodes in place. While the glue is still soft, check out the beams on a flat object to make sure they're aligned.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Now hook up your duck to your computer and blind your coworkers! Or you can leave it unplugged and when they ask what it is and look reaaalllly closely at it, plug it in! HR might throw a fit about this, but it's all in good fun.

This particular USB laser duck was shipped out as a present in the Instructables Gift Exchange. I look forward to future gift exchanges in the future so I can ship more dubious objects to people I've never met.
<p>that is creepy</p>
That is awesome
Ehrmagerd teh evil ducky of doom!!!! Awesome.
This is beautiful....
hahahaa....its Cuteeee....kwek kwek...
How many volts does the USB put out?
Over 9000.
Digital Standard Voltage is 5v. So that's what your USB will be outputting.
tell me, what exactly is the function of a rubber duck?
&quot;I need yor boots yor clothes and yor and yor bathtub&quot; naw but seriously that things creepy
It was perceived as an harmless, cute little child's duckie. Now, it's Laser Duckie, the most evil looking children's toy! Dun, Dun, Dun!
he's got a wire up his butt
Rubber Duckies has now became dangerous...I will never trust anyone with rubber duckies again.
This is stupid but when usb did u use :P
Any item with a USB cable that you can use will work. You will be destroying the original use, of course. Just cut the cable, they all use the same wires.
That thing is demonic!
So cool! <br>I might make one of these to freak out my girlfriend!
i use 2 watt laser diode so it burn stuff LOL.
Why not house a battery in the ducky? It would make it more portable! Also if you get one that has the little hole in the mouth(Could drill one otherwise I suppose.) you could add a motion season in it
It could have a battery and a motion detector and a smoke machine (maybe), but I was going for something simple.
do you think I could get away with making a giant one and calling it art?
DO EET NAO lol, sell it to an art museum. knowing how strange our art is today, you could get millions XD
Yeah really, today people pay millions for splatters on paper called &quot;art&quot;.
too much effort, maybe for gcse art though
DOOOD, You need to czech out the &quot;laser flashlight hack&quot; instructable..... lasers that can pop balloons and burn stuff then will be born...... USB LASER DUCK OF DEATH
Eh - you REALLY need to check out some other tutorials on LPF (www.laserpointerforums.com ) rather than &quot;The Great Kip-Kay&quot;. You'll have more fun, your lasers will last a LOT longer, and you wight learn some basic electronic theory while you are at it ! I LOVE the duckie, though ! NICE work !
LPF is a great site. I haven't built anything along those lines, but it's one of many bookmarks. Thanks for commenting!
I apologize for the mini-jack of your comment thread :( Twas NOT my intention ! THIS 'Ible is simply phenominal - I LOVE IT ! I had to show my wife, since she seems to think that every-day items cannot be made cool as hell with lasers ! EVERYTHING is better with lasers added ! Ooooooooooooo - can you imagine a laser-pointer with a built in laser pointer ? Imagine the possibilities ! 8-D <br> <br>I'ma a big fan of your work - I actually FINALLY founf the &quot;favorites&quot; button, too ! (DOH !)
Epic duck vs Laser Duck!
Everything's better with lasers!
It's true
So, so true.
Ernie is going to be so pissed when he finds out...
By far my favorite comment here!<br> <br> &quot;Rubber Duckie you&rsquo;re the one,<br> You make bath- WHAT THE!...- oh ****- AAAAHHHH!&quot;
Hmmmm... Class 4 laser eyes? It might just do the trick to massacre the muppets.
On it.
What could you do with a barbie doll?
barbie doll? dude im talkin heat seeking missiles, green lazers, explosions, explosions IN YOUR MIND
dose it burn stuff cause that would suck but i can make it burn something
where was the rubber duckie from? the one you used was particularly cute

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