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This is my mod on my new survival knife to make it an ultimate survival knife. I got this knife at Harbor Freight.

Step 1: Handle

The handle on my knife is hollow which makes a convenient storage place. It came with some necessary things and some unnecessary things. They are separated in the pics. I felt like there were some things missing. So I decided to change each one of the unnecessary things and put in some more necessary things.

Step 2: Matches

The knife came with some matches and a little piece of striker for the match. What if I lose this piece of striker? Then I don't have any fire. So I'm going to put these in there instead. 

Step 3: Firestarter

Alright so you have your matches now. Are you going to light whole sticks and logs with one match. No! You need fire starter. My favorite is sawdust. Just sand or cut a lot of wood to get sawdust. Then put it in a little bag.  For another fire starter use this,  . Just google how to make a fire, seriously, not that hard.

Step 4: Paracord Handle

I just wrapped my handle with paracord without using fancy techniques because the techniques seem silly. So I just wrapped and enjoyed.

Step 5: Fishing

The knife came with fishing line and a fishing hook. I was thinking ''Useful? Yes.'' Then I remembered another instructable ( ) on turning a soda thing into a fishing hook.

Step 6: Miscelanious

Other useful things such as band-aids, super glue, and iodine tablets. Another thing is you can get a small stick and wrap it with just enough duct tape to fit inside the handle. Everything else would also have to fit.



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    Everybody trash talks hollow handled knives but they've come along way from the "weld a threaded rod to half a knife" days. i was recently gifted a half tang hollow knife. and just today i found a cold steel "full tang". seems like a pipe forged into a knife. most of these comments are nothing but criticism but really, keeping one of these with an upgraded kit in your car with a blanket is not a bad idea.

    sog fixation bowie,cheap,but sturdy knife

    How can you possibly compare a Kabar to a Marbles knife? Yeah, the Marbles company has been in business longer, but their products, although acceptable, simply cannot compare to the experience in manufacturing rugged and field reliable knives that Kabar has.

    this knife is terrible the blade falls off after some use

    It"s a lets pretend survival knife you said the magic word cheap, it is for show only

    nothing else, Please if you want to put a kit together save your money and buy a knife you can trust your life to not a piece of junk RAMBO knife , these are real knives- Moro knives,Gerber,Buck,Ka-bar,Cold Steel all make good knives

    I got it at harbor freight in Arkansas!

    I have that knife
    It's not full tang but it seems pretty sturdy

    Gerber not so much - made in china. Becker, ESEE, Helle and Fallkniven are a lot nicer. Or if you want a good bang for your buck, Condor make good blades, couple that with a Mora, cheap and sharp as the devil himself.