Hello everybody, and thanks for viewing! This guy needs a name, so please leave suggestions in the comments.

Step 1: Legs

Step 2: Arms

Step 3: Sword

Probably one of the coolest parts of it

Step 4: Body and Assembly

And there you have it! Hope u njoyed!

Wow this is so cool
<p>How 'bout Tawheeche', or Fury of death?</p>
<p>How about Valkanox, or Talkano or Jalkuta? Cool guy, can't wait to see more!</p>
Well lol. OBVIOSLY his name is king vultraz, conductor of the hype train!
<p>Pretty cool!</p>
awsome and I think he should be called ultra sword<br>
<p>Looks like he's got a Millennium Falcon on his shoulder....pretty cool!</p>
I'd say find what ever language Lego uses/mimics to name the bionicles and find the word/phrase for death dealer... or something of the like
The way, are these parts you've had or have my prayers been answered and they are making bionicles again???

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