You have probably seen signs in public restrooms that remind people to wash their hands. And you have probably wondered just how often this sign gets ignored. Well today we are going to make a simple alarm that will tell you (and everyone else in the room) whenever someone forgets to wash their hands.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Here is a video walkthrough of the project.

<p>I am trying to create this project, but I am running into some issues. The code is not correct, I do not know how it all connects, and the order of the steps are confusing. Any help would be appreciated. </p>
If you could ask specific questions it would be much easier for me to help you solve your problem.
<p>First, when I run the code it says it is incorrect. Also, I need a full picture showing the system put together. I do not know how it all connects. I would love to make this project, thank you for your help!</p>
<p>Ok. I see what went wrong. I tried to copy and paste the code into the text box. But apparently doing that automatically combined groups of lines into a single line of code. So the compiler wasn't reading it right. I have attached a copy of the code file to the step so that you can just download that and use it. Sorry for the trouble.</p>
<p>hello....can you send me all the codes for this project to my email idzhamyahaya97@gmail.com...please</p>
<p>Okay. Thanks for your help, but I am still a little confused on how the whole system connects. If you can send a full picture of everything together, that would be highly appreciated. Sorry, I am new to instructables. I just need a little help getting started. Thanks again!</p>
<p>Sorry. But I have already disassembled the system. So I can't get any more pictures of it. But if you closely follow the instructions you should be able to piece it together. If not, feel free to ask questions and I will help you out.</p>
please make this everywhere ?
<p>Where did you get your materials from specifily the micro controllr</p>
<p>microcontroller I meant</p>
<p>Where did you get your materials from specifily the micro controllr</p>
<p>Is there a specific microcontroller that I need or just any type?</p>
<p>I imagine that any microcontroller that has an analog input could work.</p>
<p>funny and genius !</p>
How does the code handle &quot;double flushers&quot;? Sadly this is probably not effective if someone fails to flush at all. You may need a second and much higher degree of shame for that.
<p>i was wondering about non-flushers to, but they will still be humiliated if the sign went off ( code dependency )</p><p>the opposite end of the question would be what about people who just went in to wash their hands?</p>
Once a flush is detected, the system switches to monitoring the sink. If nothing happens for 5 minutes, the system resets.
<p>Maybe have a float of some type or a very accurate ultrasonic sensor that would detect when the water level goes up.</p>
Those that do not flush should be tarred &amp; feathered.
You could hack the system. Leave the sink for 5 seconds, JUKED!!
<p> Almost every Food Handler in New York City is already trying to find a way to circumvent this system... XD Just Kidding...</p><p> Anyways, nice Job!!</p>
OMG soo cool how do u come up with these ideas
Well, this one was blatantly stolen from an old Far Side comic by Gary Larson.
Great idea. This is the reason I dont like people touching my keyboard or mouse at work. A nice optonal extra would be to shock the ones who touch the door handle and havent washed their hands ☺
<p>How about instead of giving shock, use a pair of laser and LDR? <br>Arises lasers in parallel with a distance of about 10cm, and when someone enters, trigger the laser and then B. He will use the sanitary then the sink and on the way out, fire the laser B and then A . <br><br>So if he does not use the sink before leaving that he will be remembered not washed his hands and if he still out, the alarm sounds. If he comes back and wash their hands, the alarm does not ring.</p>
I 2nd your notion! Shock the dirty hands ?! Lol
<p>so much fun! Great job!</p>
This is awesome. I'm sure some of us hope our parents don't find out about this.
<p>This is ingenious! I want one in my own bathroom too to make sure that nobody is spreading germs all over the house lol :D</p>
<p>The Pier needs one of these. There have been quite a few instances of people not washing their hands... gross. </p>
Words cannot describe the awesome.
<p>Awesome !!! :)</p>
<p>Surely people still remember the old Far Side strip that is undoubtedly the inspiration for this - <a href="http://blog.travisspomer.com/2007/07/didnt-wash-hands.html" rel="nofollow">http://blog.travisspomer.com/2007/07/didnt-wash-hands.html</a></p>
Yes. That is absolutely the inspiration for this project. I just didn't include the comic for copyright reasons.
Dude, I love you. The second I saw this I knew it had to have been love at first sight. Must... try... and make. Thanks for the awesome instructable! <br>
<p>MUST be added to all Restaurant restrooms! I don't have an Arduino yet, but when I do.... </p><p>Nice Instructable! Very Thorough!</p>
<p>such a great idea!</p>
Oh, yeah... it would appear that I have new project for this weekend. AWESOME!
<p>this is hilarious! so glad you made the instructable!</p>
Not only is this a wonderful idea for restaurants but it's also perfect for young children! I work with young kids who frequently walk out without washing their hands in attempt to move on to something more fun; this would make a great solution for that! :-)
<p>This thing is awesome! I like the idea a lot</p>
This would be good for restaurant workers and hospitals. Maybe incorporate a system that starts a timer so people wash thier hands for the right amount of time as well. Great project!
<p>Hahah, I love this! This is one of those things that absolutely requires shaming as far as I'm concerned. ;)</p>

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