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Grandpa's old sweaters never looked so good...not even in the 80's...sorry gramps! I was o-so super lucky to find this wool sweater in someone's trash on city trash pick up day.

Just follow these easy steps and learn how to re-purpose a Large men's sweater into a Large doggie sweater.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

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You will need:

Sewing machine

Large Men's sweater


Measuring tape (if you don't have one a piece of ribbon or yarn will do)



I do not get it....nice idea though but I do not understand the still photos...and instructions...

MiMero2281 year ago
Just curious, how big is your baby? My Stonie weighs 110, he is a lab and he is a big boy (not fat). Do you think this would work for him? Not sure how big of a sweater I'd need....maybe an extra large? Thanks, I love this and WILL do this for my baby boy.
jessimata (author)  MiMero2281 year ago

Hi there! At the time Fergie, a bull boxer, was a mere 50 ish pounds. The sweater was a size M. I do believe a XL will suit Stonie's needs.

MiMero2281 year ago
Love it!
happy2bmom2 years ago
Love it! Just two things, I need to find some sweaters and I hope I can follow/understand your instructable well enough to make some of these! Thank you again for sharing! Pinterested this one too! :D
jessimata (author)  happy2bmom2 years ago
Wow, Thanks! Reading through the 'ible is a little hard to follow. Once you actually go thru the motions it actually comes together! Please don't hesitate to ask any questions!
I love this idea and have been wanting to reuse some sweaters for my dog Gargoyle. Could you explain steps 3 and 4 a bit more? Or maybe even a video link?
jessimata (author)  curbsidecrush4 years ago
hi. thanx for the comment. please view my previous reply for clarification. i will try to upload a video link as well. happy sewing and thanx for viewing!
desya4 years ago
not sure what you mean here.....need more detail
jessimata (author)  desya4 years ago
hi. sorry i didnt take pics to clarify...so heres my best:

1. folding the sweater helps to find the mid point fr top to bottom
2. measure about 2inches inward from each seam of the sweater top to bottom
3. cut up to the mid section keeping 2 inches away from the seam
4. cut across from side to side to the cut made 2 inches from the seam
5. fold the excess 2 inches over to make a hem

lemme know if that sorts any confusion out! thanks for viewing!