Grandpa's old sweaters never looked so good...not even in the 80's...sorry gramps! I was o-so super lucky to find this wool sweater in someone's trash on city trash pick up day.

Just follow these easy steps and learn how to re-purpose a Large men's sweater into a Large doggie sweater.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You will need:

Sewing machine

Large Men's sweater


Measuring tape (if you don't have one a piece of ribbon or yarn will do)


<p>Well add me to the list of those that don't understand the instructions.....and your further &quot;explanation&quot; confused me more....obviously more pictures are needed for each step with its own explanation. I would like to do this also, but without further specific explanation with a pic to go with it, I will just have to come up with my own method.,,,thanks for trying.</p>
<p>I've made small sweaters using the arms of polar fleece or sweatshirts (my dogs are toy breeds) - the wrist end is the &quot;collar&quot; - cut length to measure to the base of the tail - and I just &quot;wing it&quot; to measure for the arm holes. Cut a narrow wedge from the base of the chest (by the end of the rib-cage) back to the tail area &amp; seam it all.</p>
<p>A video of the process would really help........</p>
<p>I think I can do these my own way without instructions, and easier than this!</p>
<p>I have been sewing for over 65 years, making coats, men's sports jackets, etc., and I can't understand the instructuions either! Glad I'm not the only complainer!</p>
<p>Unable to understand the instructions, maybe because I am not a seamstress or sewer. Wonder if someone at the shelter could understand and do it? I have some sweaters to donate.</p>
<p>I know how to sew and couldn't follow it either. I think if we actually sat down and tried, it might come together.</p>
<p>Will sweaters not unravel when cut?</p>
<p>when do you ever fold a hamburger?</p>
<p>this makes no sense. Really want to do this and take some to the shelters but this is more confusing than helpful.</p>
I have to agree with the others. I'm so confused.
Worst.Instructable.Ever. I would love to make these for my local shelter, but the instructions here don't make ANY sense! Does anyone have a link for good unstructions or a video??
<p>I do not get it....nice idea though but I do not understand the still photos...and instructions...</p>
Just curious, how big is your baby? My Stonie weighs 110, he is a lab and he is a big boy (not fat). Do you think this would work for him? Not sure how big of a sweater I'd need....maybe an extra large? Thanks, I love this and WILL do this for my baby boy.
<p>Hi there! At the time Fergie, a bull boxer, was a mere 50 ish pounds. The sweater was a size M. I do believe a XL will suit Stonie's needs. </p>
Love it!
Love it! Just two things, I need to find some sweaters and I hope I can follow/understand your instructable well enough to make some of these! Thank you again for sharing! Pinterested this one too! :D
Wow, Thanks! Reading through the 'ible is a little hard to follow. Once you actually go thru the motions it actually comes together! Please don't hesitate to ask any questions!
I love this idea and have been wanting to reuse some sweaters for my dog Gargoyle. Could you explain steps 3 and 4 a bit more? Or maybe even a video link?
hi. thanx for the comment. please view my previous reply for clarification. i will try to upload a video link as well. happy sewing and thanx for viewing!
not sure what you mean here.....need more detail
hi. sorry i didnt take pics to clarify...so heres my best:<br><br>1. folding the sweater helps to find the mid point fr top to bottom<br>2. measure about 2inches inward from each seam of the sweater top to bottom<br>3. cut up to the mid section keeping 2 inches away from the seam<br>4. cut across from side to side to the cut made 2 inches from the seam<br>5. fold the excess 2 inches over to make a hem<br><br>lemme know if that sorts any confusion out! thanks for viewing!

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