Picture of V2 Beast- An Airsoft Support Sniper
Anyone who pays attention to my builds will remember this.

The original Beast sniper conversion was awesome, and still in use today. That gun, however was my friend's, so I don't get to use it anymore. To remedy this, I completed the logical step, and built another. This gun works on the same basic principle, but is in reality a whole different animal.

This one has a lot more upgrades, better balance, cleaner lines, and generally more whoop-ass packed into a sleeker and sexier package.

What follows is a set of instructions and a discussion of this gun and others like it.

Step 1: What's new, pussycat?

Here is a quick list of the features, comparing the V1 and the V2.

Version 1:
  •     Based on a Tippman 98 Custom paintball marker
  •     22 inch Angel Custom tight-bore barrel
  •     Drain-cock loading valve
  •     Open breech
  •     Home-built stock
  •     Home-built under barrel canister  rack
  •     Modification of gun body required
  •     No hop-up
  •     Open-backed Airsoft barrel

Version 2:
  •     Based on a Spyder MR1 paintball marker
  •     20 inch stock tubing barrel
  •     Rotating external bolt loading system
  •     Vented breech
  •     Modified Spyder stock
  •     Screw-in canister attachment
  •     No gun body modification, only removing a few parts
  •     Hop-Up
  •     Gas-direction system in the back of the Airsoft barrel
At some point I will retrofit the V1 with some of these upgrades to improve it's slightly lacking performance.