Picture of Valentine's Day - Folded Book Art - Heart inside a heart
This Folded Book Art is a perfect gift to give for Valentine's Day!

After searching for a while i found this website that offers patterns, this was one of their promotion patterns and i just love to share this with you!

In the next steps i'll explain to you how to fold this heart into a book. (I used a picture from their website for the front image)

If you want to do a smaller project first, to test it out, please check my other tutorial here.

Step 1: Collecting the materials needed

For us to be able to create folded book art we need a few things:

- We need a book. It's best to use a hardcovered book, as these books will give the best results when displaying them.
- We need a ruler in centimeters, as these patterns are displayed in centimeters
- And ofcourse we need a pencil to mark the pages.
pastormick1 year ago

great idea, thanks for posting! I just finished mine. A few thoughts...

  • in order to work for this, a book needs to be more like 300 pages. when the author of this instructable refers to 139 pages, she is referring to the actual page, where as books a generally numbered on the front and back of each page. hence, a 139 page book is only 1/2 as long as you need to do this project.
  • if you use a book with page numbers at the top, then the page number needs to be in the upper left corner when the book is in position to work on. basically the bottom of the book must be to the right, with the left of the book to the bottom.
  • if you are using a book that has more than the exact number of pages, find the middle of the book, then count backwards 70 pages [NOT FRONT/BACK, 70 ACTUAL PIECES OF PAPER]. wherever you end up, that should be your page 1 to start marking and folding. this way, your design will be centered in the middle of the book.
Magistro (author)  pastormick1 year ago

Thanks Pastormick for adding these comments! I'll make this a feature comment so people can see this!

mfriel1 month ago

No one talks about which direction to fold the pages, in toward the book or out ward. The first book art I did 2 days ago was a single heart. When I stood the book up 1/2 the book looked great, the other side flat.

I started your heart inside a heart and did the first half inward direction to the center folding, and am starting the last half inward to the center again. It is slow going, but looks better so far compared to my first single heart.

Hi I tried this using a diary measuring 15.5cm wide and 21cm high but when I tried to fold over page 14 where the measurements are 5.0 and 5.4 I could not fold over the large side to 90 degrees without ripping the page (which I did not do). Does the book have to be a certain width / height for it to work??

kellie595 9 months ago
I tried :( my first go. It dosent look right ?? my book was 23.5 cm and I still used the measurements given. but thankyou for the free guide. I looked for more to do but most patterns cost money. Easy guide a must try for all crafty people. x
kellie595 9 months ago
Hello i have a book 23.5 cm can i still use the same measurements you gave, and will it still work and look good. Any info would be great xx
sinubuj1 year ago

Here you can create your own graphical pattern for free, to fold your own name.


Magistro how do those making up this folded book request permission to sell the finished folded book please? Love it by the way

vaderag made it!1 year ago

Thanks for this - I made it for my wife for our first wedding anniversary (which is paper!) - absolutely perfect.

It wasn't the most fun thing I've ever made, and for a while I was worried it wasnt going to come out, but I think the results were worth it :)

Thanks for the Instructable!

Make_This1 year ago
Good directions. I covered the book with appropriate wrapping paper using spray adhesive. Then I folded over the edges. Much nicer than the original cover. Thx very much for the idea n directions.
14, 7:33 PM.jpg14, 7:33 PM.jpg
emikayee1 year ago
I made this for my girlfriend for valentines day, she LOVED it, thank you!
Side note, I didn't have a CM ruler, so I had to convert every single measurement over to inches, all in all this bad boy took me 7 hours to make... But totally worth it!!
JeDi RuLeS made it!1 year ago

Was really easy making it with the help from your step by step instructions........

My wife was delighted to see it. Thanks a lot.....

The only change I made was to keep the fold edge at the same place rather than 90 degree as mentioned in the instruction, but still managed to get this one.......

It looks cool.........

Magistro (author)  JeDi RuLeS1 year ago

Looks great :)

jcannizzo1 year ago
How many pages should the book be? Does it have to be exactly 139, or does it not matter? And do you start at page one or just try to center it in the book?
Magistro (author)  jcannizzo1 year ago

It needs 139 foldable pages (sheets of paper). So the last page number should be at least 278. You can also use a book that has more pages, no problem. You should try to center it.

the book I used was over 500 and I started about 10 pages in I don't guess it matters really it just based on how it looks

rrose131 year ago

it looks amazing but somehow it ended up upside down?

Magistro (author)  rrose131 year ago

Pastormick is right, you probably have a book which has the page numbers at the top. But you'll probably be fine with turning the book upside down when displaying it :)

possibly you used a book in which the page numbers are on the top of the page and not the bottom. in that case, the directions regarding how to place the book might be a bit confusing.

tgarstang1 year ago
amazing,I have made it for my girlfriend for valentines day,she is gonna love it,thank you so much
Magistro (author)  tgarstang1 year ago

You're welcome! I'm sure she loves it :)

How did you do this bc I made the marks but can't fold without ripping or cutting.

I actually had to rip mine I think its because taller book the top of the page is father to the mark

Magistro (author)  MadHatter201 year ago

Howcome you can't fold pages? Just fold them like shown in the image.

kenralph1 year ago
this looks such good fun! thank you for sharing I'm wondering if the second half of the heart should be folded the other way, for the sake of symmetery
Magistro (author)  kenralph1 year ago

Just follow the instructions and you'll get the heart :)