$30 Vertical Axis Wind Turbine From Scrap Materials

Picture of $30 Vertical Axis Wind Turbine From Scrap Materials

This is a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine which uses wind energy to drive things like air and water pumps for cooling, irrigation and similar, or an alternator/generator for producing electricity.

Note: this tutorial is also available at with a slightly more usable layout.

The turbine uses the 35-40% mechanically efficient Lenz2 lift+drag design. It is made entirely from scrap materials except for the bolts and pop rivets, and should cost about $15-$30 for the six vane version, which can be made by two people in six hours without much effort. 

The three vane version has been successfully survival tested to 80 km/h sustained winds and the six vane version to 105 km. Both will do more, but exactly how much has not yet been ascertained.

Full power curves have yet to be calculated for this particular build, but according to Mr Ed Lenz's calculator ( a six vane at 0.93 meters diameter and 1.1 meters high with a 90% efficient alternator should produce at least 135 watts of electricity in a 30 km/h wind, and 1.05 kilowatts at 60 km/h.

The materials listed in this tutorial are to make the three vane version. Double everything except the bike wheel for six vanes.

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bethmwl3 months ago

Very impressive. The construction video was so cool to watch as each piece came together.

SolarFlower_org (author)  bethmwl3 months ago


chriswooten574 months ago

Way cool project. I followed and I am new here so follow back please. I gave you a click. I would love to have you check out my Bird Cage Wall art too. Since I am new I am checking this site out and have already entered 11 projects since February, but none as extensive as yours though. I am mainly a diy home decor or paper crafters and animal rescue lady, lol. I will be checking back soon to see what else you are up too. Good Luck my I go to visit more fellow crafters..oh what inspiration this place has...


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