Video Camera Mount for Bicycle





Introduction: Video Camera Mount for Bicycle

I needed a video camera mount for bicycles so i could video other bicycling type activities and give the whole production a "swooshy cycling feeling". This turned out to work pretty well with what I had, many of the parts will be substitutable by other materials.

Step 1: Camera Choice

I have a new video camera (SONY PDX-10 - it's a fab 3 chip miniDV that does native 16:9, i got PAL because it's got more pixels that i can screw with post production). i wanted to video some tow-in-skateboarding, so I needed a mount for the bike that would give me hands free operation of the cam...

Step 2: Fitting Mount to Frame

I contemplated lashing the mount to the frame with inner tubes then realised I had these old chemistry kit mounting brackets that fit half inch tube or rod. I put one mount on each of the rear stays. keeping them all loose as i fitted the rod meant they self aligned and tightened nicely.

Step 3: Fitting Clamps to Rear Stays

detail of the fitting to the rear stays. convenient big thumb screws so i can pull it on and off the bike quickly.

Step 4: Pan and Tilt.....

I wanted to be able to fix the camera in different positions for different angles. Not live while riding the bike, but to setup different shots.
i had a bunch of ideas and eventually went with this one. in effect it gives pan and tilt. by rotating around and tightening against the horizontal rod (the one fixed to the bike) i can tilt the camera up and down then hold it in place, byb rotating around the shorter rod i can get tilt. I used a cute little aluminum block from some old optics kits i've got but you could make one of these easy. drill 1/2 in holes at 90 degrees to eachother in an aluminum block then drill and tap two fastening holes for bolts, one that enters into each hole.

this is the expensive version of these clamps but i'm sure you can see how to do a cheap version:

Step 5: Camera Mount Detail.

here is the camera mount detail. conveniently the little rod i had had 1/4-20 threads already tapped in the end so i just had to use a set screw to fix it into the camera. probably should use a spring washer between rod and camera to ensure camera doesn't unwind / untighten.

Step 6: Fitting Camera to Bike

voila. how to strap $2500 to the side of your bike....

Step 7: Making It More Secure....

so i added a big washer on both the attachment rods, so even if the sets screws all come loose, the rods can't fall out and leave the electronics on the footpath

Step 8: And Adding Another Safety Factor

i looked at it a couple more times and realised if everything went wrong it should at least be tied to the bike so if it falls it will not hit the ground but get caught in the spokes instead.

Step 9: Remove the Lens Cap

it was dangling by the attachment cord and an obvious hazard..

Step 10: A Lucky Coincidence.

turns out i can turn the camera screen around so i can look down and make sure it is actually recording as i'm riding and that the subject matter is in the right place.

Step 11: Test Riding.

Here it is being tested for the first time.

or in the link below. I really like the shakey look. I think the fact the bike it was on has 12mm
wheels at 120psi on a stiff frame contributed to this as much as the bad streets of Emeryville.
Probably best to fix this to a mountain bike with soft fat tires. occasionally you can see the heads
jump so much that the vid misses a frame....



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    It is so diffcult, I have a new sport camera(DVR built-in),please visit Easy to help you recording while riding bicycle. Pls contact with me if you have any question about it.My email is


    you now that tie rope to a bicycle and jump on the skateboard (kinda like street wakeboarding. ya. my friends and i invented that.(its way better with a flow board(its like the new street surfer or rip stick)

    2 replies

    Ahaa, sure you did....

    yup, sure did tyvm

    gang de malade. portez au moins un casque!

    1 reply

    Mais sans casque c'est beaucoup plus amusant!

    Adding the washers was (ugly but) brilliant!

    this is fantastic project, but i'm quite surprised why aren't you using a scewing system that doesn't require tools , just with your hands ?
    it would be also so great to have a simple adjustable handle to readjust the camera in a single movement cycling ... do you know "bras magique Manfrotto" ?
    it would be worse buying the cheapest and open it to understand the system (with cables i think) to translated in a diy style.

    We're expecting to put a camera on a new electric motorcycle facing the rear to see vehicles in the distance to replace a mirror. What camera, lens, and stableazation do you recommend? Also, the image needs to be reversed by software to replicate a mirrored image to not be confusing to the rider. Do you know of software that can handle live feed images?

    2 replies

    I would REALLY like to se the reaction of the guy/gal I'de ditch off the starting line with my drag racin', street-legal, NEDRA world-record holdin' 48V (concept vehicle class) E-racer motorcycle running on GoWheel Li-Po batteries! Bring on the amps! ~Harvey

    depending on the display you are using (I'm picturing in my head some kind of small lcd screen) you could actually disassemble the display package, flip the lcd around (just the lcd, not the backlight) and voila! image is reversed without the need for an embedded software solution.

    maybe you could make a small (LCD)screen on your steer, so that you can see what you're filming :D

    Thats bloody simple ,but secure and works for me a treat thanks!

    That's sweet! What if you mounted the camera to a swiveling anchor that you could tow from?, then the camera would automatically pan back and forth and follow the rider as he carved! Now go celebrate with a Shakin' Jesse at Can't Fail Cafe!!!