This is it, my 40th Instructable, YIEHAAA!!!

For this anniversary-I'ble I wanted to make something special.
I like beer, I like wood, I like the outdoors, so I decided to give myself a favour: I decided to make a good old 'viking style' beer mug.
The bushcraft way.

Aim was to use not one single power tool (to spice the job a bit). It took a lot longer than with the 'right' tools but it turned out to be one of the funniest projects I ever did. This was pure fun!

Set all your toolboxes stuffed with classic hand tools aside cause you won't use them this time.
All you need is a hatchet & a knife.

A good hatchet, and a good knife.

Back to basic.

A few members asked where I got that fabulous hatchet.
Well, this beauty is a traditionnal axe from the Basque Country - a region saddled on the western French-Spanish mountainous border. I discovered those axes some 20 years ago during raptor migration monitoring. They're quite hard to find, even locally, and it's just this summer I found a spot again where they were sold. They are made by the 'JAUREGI' factory/family in northern Spain and I never saw them anywhere else

These axes are hand-forged, and extremely reliable. Light (the small one weights only one pound), balanced, extremely powerful & useful to do as well bushcraft or bigger tree cutting. I never had better, I'll never have better. If I had to choose one object to take on a survival trip, there would be not one second of hesitation.

They are made in 5 or 6 sizes. On the picture you'll see the two smallest models. The darkest is my first I bought some 20 years ago and that's still alive 'n kicking.

Step 1: Cut that log

First you'll have to gather some wood.
Choose straith-grained species - I got a piece of elderberry (not because elderberry is THE mug species, just because I got a piece left). Any straith- or spiral grained species will do the job, no worries.

You'll need a log with a diameter about the size of your hand so don't sight too small.

Use a hatchet to cut it down (or cheat like me, use a saw - first penalty point).
I have an older wooden mug and after holding water in it, it split in multiple areas leaking how can i get it to hold water again?
<p>You could try using an epoxy resin or other wood glue. Make sure that it is food safe first though!</p><p>Apply some to the inside where the cracks are, then use a shop vac (not your best vacuum cleaner) to suck the glue/resin through the crack. Once it starts coming out the other side you're done.</p><p>Note: I haven't personally done this ... just a possible method that popped into my head.</p>
line it with pitch.
<p>I think if you wanted to speed up the production, without being too industrial, a modified Froe with a curved blade would be handy. You should be able to knock out the majority of the waste with a couple of taps and end up with a nice, consistent inner radius. </p><p>Obviously, you would need different radii on the Froe for different sized mugs, but I think you could do that with a partially spiral shaped Froe. </p><p>Interesting idea, and very nice 'ible.</p>
This would be perfect to use while playing Kubb.
<p>You need one of these: http://olx.ro/oferta/barda-pentru-mana-dreapta-ID3IjGP.html</p>
<p>You know, saws have been around for like, 3000 years. Every good bushcrafter has a saw, there's no shame in using it.</p>
<p>True. But then again, every bushcrafter masters his axe and his knife so well that using a saw for building a mug doesn't make any sense.</p>
<p>Thanx, it was just a great challenge to do the whole job with only those two tools!</p>
<p>Awesome instructable, i wanted to craft a wood mug since</p><p>a long time ago, but these instructions are just what i need to get started</p><p>so thanks :)</p>
<p>Great job! And very humorous write-up! Thanks for sharing :) </p>
Thanks for the inspiration. I made this out of Marri which is a gumtree variant here in Western Australia. I used a saw and a knife and ALOT of sanding. Just put the Envirotex Lite Epoxy coating on it to ensure a good seal and the ability for hot and cold drinks to be enjoyed. :) Im pretty happy as this is one of my first wood projects. Cant wait for a beer next week when its all cured. :)
Would madrone work
<p>Fantastic tutorial! I'm in the process of making wooden &quot;shot&quot; glasses. Can't wait to try your method!</p>
What would be a good alternative to the bees wax stuff that I can find at like a hardware store ?
<p>If those cuts &amp; tights are properly done you even don't have to use propolis. Let it soak in water - or beer - for a few minutes and the whole will seal itself.</p>
This was fun! Thanks for the idea, I'll be making more for sure!!
had to use powertools, but thanks for the inspiration! just tried them out last weekend
<p>Hi there,</p><p>Do you have the instructions to make your mugs?</p><p>Thank you!</p>
<p>Looks awesome. I bought a wooden mug a few months ago at an arts festival. That has made me want to make a wooden mug for my self.<br><br>What is your technique on tying and securing the mug with the rope? I'm all about using power tools and glue (my go to when i'm working with wood) but i want to make a natural mug that is more hand made without power tools.</p>
<p>Hello! great job! I&acute;m gonna try it.</p><p>One question, wich type of string did you use for it?</p>
<p>In this project I used polyester rope - used in sail repair &amp; leatherworking - but in my future builds I'll use fine hemp cord (see last step).</p>
<p>Thank you!! once again excellent job!</p>
<p>Hi! I'm from Argentina and I want to do it for my boyfriend (He look like a Viking in the pic haha). The question is, Wich percent of propolis did you use? I just can get 5%(concentration) and I don't know if its right... Almond oil make the same results? Sorry about the bad bad english. Wait the answer :)</p>
<p>You need the real stuff. Two ways to get it: look out for some bee nests in the forest &amp; good luck, or try to get some of a beekeeper. Most of the time they're not too happy to give you some, but I discoverd that a loaded crossbow can do miracles. Really.</p>
Do you have any suggestions as to what I can coat it with if I don't know what type of wood I used? I've made 2, one for me and one for my grand daughter.
<p>I'm quite happy with the use of walnut oil. Heat it in the microwave and pour it around and in to get high penetration. Wipe the excess &amp; repeat. You also can use bees wax. No industrial coatings (varnish, epoxy, stainstuff etc.). </p><p>Looking forward to see your build, use the 'made it' button'!</p>
<p>So what % of mousture do you let the wood dry to? Or how long would you leave it to dry after splitting?</p>
<p>No idea about that %, but it was harvested end october and set apart for only a month. My opinion: the fastest you split it the better. If you let it dry first, cracks will probably occur - unless you let it dry for a long time, unbarked and with the cutting zones sealed. Succes!</p>
<p>If you want real bushcraftery, use pine resin (or other tree sap) that you harvest yourself, no purchasing fancy bottles of anything.</p>
<p>Or harvest natural propolis with only a knife and a hatchet. Or a well trained grizzly. Or your younger brother, as a sacrifice to beer.</p>
<p>Groovy. (I mean, you are making <em>grooves </em>after all...)</p>
For some reason, I see an Aussie version of this mug with barbed wire instead of the string around it. I don't know why, it just came to me.
<p>Just get some of those plastic barbed wire they sell for halloween. I got some in bracelet form in a bag for a buck after last halloween. Now they will live out their lives on my new mug. Great idea.</p>
<p>Go for it, man!</p>
I'd like to see that!
Aussie beer is dangerous enough as it is :) <br>
Any recommendations? I never tasted beer from down-under!
XXXX Gold is always a good fallback. No matter what, don't ever let anyone talk you into drinking VB! <br>
I'll remember that! How much degree does that XXXX have?
I'm sorry, I don't understand what you mean by degree in that sentence. If you mean the alcohol percentage, it's 3.5% <br>
Yap that's it, we call it still 'degrees' like in midieval times - man I'm gettin' old! <br>Only 3.5%?! So why should it be dangerous? In Belgian everything below 10% is called fruit juice! <br>Tell me you just put that komma at the wrong place and that I'm so totally wrong!!!
Ha ha, I guess it is a pretty low alcohol content! But enough of it and it is like a memory eraser from Men in Black...
<p>I'm planning to open a &quot;Viking&quot; bar and i'll use this as the oficial beer Mug.</p>
<p>Whaaoow!!! Tell me where! Are you going to make them by yourself?</p>
Yes i'll do it with a friend we live in Argentina. the only thing that we will add is an aluminium interior to the mug because of bromatology reasons.
<p>So cool!!! You know what you have to do: posting some pictures, I'd like to see that! ;)</p>
<p>Thank you!</p>

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