WWII Captain America





Introduction: WWII Captain America

 This is based on a comic book version of Captain Americas WWII costume with the exception of the shield which is made after the movie one since it looks cooler. The costume is all sewn from scratch using canvas and other materials that resemble what would have been used. The only exception is the army green canvas harness stuff which is actual World War 2 and Reenactor gear. The costume is about as authentic as you can get. The shield is made out of a '59 Ford trucks roof. Cut out, sanded down painted up, then backed with a layer of dense foam and covered in leather. The handles can unhook and be strapped to my harness so the shield can be worn on my back. The Thompson (gun) is made all of wood stained and painted with a carrying strap attached.The mask is sewn out of pleather with swimming goggles fitted inside of it. The helmet is real just with a few straps removed and painted up. 



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Oh man, seriously...I want to know how you went about making the outfit itself. I love everything about it and I totally want to cosplay exactly like this.

could you post a step by step, and if you have the pattern could you post that.