I was reminded the other day of those tiny wind-up shoes. They would walk all on their own with a little crank. I figured using my know how and ingenuity i could make a full size pair in no time.

These shoes use a servo motor to drive them.

This project has been featured on Gizmodo, Thanks!

The Here is a video to show how they work.

Step 1: Supplies

For this instructable you will need:

1 3/4" Wooden Dowel
1 Full Rotational Servo with direct drive (Look at these instructables for how to: Direct Drive and Continuous Rotation)
1 4 AA battery pack
1 Switch
1 Screw
Gorilla Glue

and lastly
1 pair of old shoes

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Might I recommend a weight that moves back and forth. Because when you step down you apply weight.
It's a little late fro this year, but for next Halloween you could mount 2 thin pieces of plywood or paneling to the soles of each shoe, paint them and the connector bar black, and put the assembly on a black carpet or floor, then light it with a black light! the dual motor idea would probably be a requirement to do this.
Do you think that putting a counter weight in the shoe without the motor would make it go in a straight line?
Maybe adding another servo in the opposite shoe might help it go in a straight line, might give it more power as well.
Even better, twice the power and equally balanced.

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