Walnut Season.





Introduction: Walnut Season.

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n My Neighbors Backyard remains an old Black walnut tree,a.k.a http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juglans_nigra that let it falls its seeds killing the ground so I decided to do something cool with all that stuff.
If you have the nuts enough .then you can made some awesome decorations in base to the Black walnut shells.

Limpiando el jardín encontre , como es usual todos los años, algunas semillas de el Árbol de nogal mas conocido como Juglans_nigra , y dado que estas semillas matan el terreno en el q se descompone, decidí hacer algunas manualidades con ellas.
Mejor lucirlas que botarlas al tacho.

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    Hey, I have a black walnut tree in my yard and I've generally seen it as annoying. Now I can use it to make stuff.

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    That´s the biggest prize..that someone try at home...pls let me know with pics when you made some Black Walnut stuff...

    Maybe for the candles you can use a half size...but to the pendants.....hmmmm I dont think So....this kind of Walnut (Black Walnut) as far as I know are´nt for food.

    So sad...Instead i´m infested of those...check this site t: