Watch the Maker Magic!





Introduction: Watch the Maker Magic!

Not all ''Maker Moms" are truly makers. Some like me support the Maker, also known as Mom of a Maker!

I have two children that are amazing Makers.  Elizabeth - 16 and Joey - 15.

My job as the mother is very simple - Support , Encourage and Believe they can do anything!

You don't see me much, mostly helping behind the scene. To me, it's all about the experience your MAKER gets. They grow and flourish right before your eyes.

I have learned over the years, especially from Joey to just let go..let your child be who he/she is intended to be..I find that is when all the Maker Magic happens!

Being a Maker Mom is the most rewarding experience I could have ever asked for.

In this video you will see a few things that Joey, Elizabeth and myself have made.

Joey is more a builder/engineer, Elizabeth is very artistic/crafty and me, I like origami. Sometimes we work together and others we give feedback and support.



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    Looks like you guys have a lot of fun making! Sounds like a blast!