Very few people know that in order to keep your water heater running properly and efficiently very simple maintenace procedures need to be performed. (These come with the instructions and are often overlooked.)

As water is pumped into your water heater tank dirt, sediment and various minerals settle on the bottom. Depending on your water quality these extra "ingredients" can add up rather quickly robbing your water heater's efficiency and costing you in the long run. If left unchecked they can not only make your water heater work harder but also allow your tank to rust and slowly be eaten away until you need to replace the entire unit which is very costly yet easily preventable. And cheap to prevent! You just need a hose, bucket (optional) and gloves (optional too, but safer with.)

This Instructable will show you how to perform a simple yearly draining of your water heater to keep it running smoothly.

Step 1: Locate Water Heater

First off, you need to know where your water heater is. This should be very simple. It should be located in your garage.

Be careful! You are going to be dealing with gas/electricity and very hot water and steam.
<p>My water heater has been making funny noise lately and I am trying to figure out the problem. I am one of those people that you talked about who didn't know that sediment built up inside the tank. I really appreciate you giving instructions for how to drain it. I will be sure to try this before I call a &lt;a href='http://www.ellsworthplumbing.com' &gt; water heater repair&lt;/a&gt; man. Thank you for sharing.</p>
Flushing your hot water heater is all well and good, but don't do only this and expect your hot water heater to survive a long time. The sacraficial anode is a far more important factor to extending the life of your water heater than flushing it every year. <br> <br>The good thing though is that if you're already flushing your water heater so often, every year, you can easily just check the anode at the same time and replace it as necessary. Oh and use magnesium anodes, not aluminum.
<p>I agree Loltax when your flushing your water heater tank why not change the bottom and top anode rods if they need changing of course . But its a good time to check if they are still in good condition.</p>
<p>what sort of results can i expect from draining my geyser on a yearly basis, will it lower my electricity cost by any chance? what would a trained professional plumber charge to do this? </p>
<p>Draining your water heater will keep all the build up sediment from inside your water heater out. reducing internal rust prolonging your water heater life ..</p>
<p>I need to be a lot better with draining our water heater each year. We noticed that our water hasn't been as hot than what it usually is. Thanks for the step-by-step, I guess I know what I'll be doin this Saturday!</p><p> &lt;a href='http://www.dbrplumbing.com/Residential.html' &gt;http://www.dbrplumbing.com/Residential.html&lt;/a&gt;</p>
<p>I think it's easier to maintain water heaters than it is to have them repaired. There are a lot of different things that you can do. Cleaning it and checking on it regularly can really help keep it from having any really serious problems. <a href="http://www.solarhotwaterrepairsperth.com.au" rel="nofollow">http://www.solarhotwaterrepairsperth.com.au</a></p>
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<p>You do not have a gas segment trap.</p>
<p>how do you know when the tank is full ?</p>
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I need to find someone who can fix my <a href="http://www.plumbinghelptoday.com" rel="nofollow">water heater in Denver</a>. Does anyone have somebody that I could call?
Thanks for the help! We were thinking of calling someone to do <a href="http://www.atlantawaterlines.com/water_heater_repair_atlanta.html" rel="nofollow">Atlanta water heater repair</a> soon but maybe we should check on all of this first.. :)
Thanks for the tips! I definitely need <a href="http://anytimeplumbingvegas.com/water-heater-repair-las-vegas/" rel="nofollow">water heater repair near Las Vegas</a>. I can't wait to try this out!
Great tips! I was having some issues with my old <a href="http://www.thegentlemenplumbersreddeer.com/heating.html" rel="nofollow">Red Deer heating</a>, and your tips saved the day. I probably should replace it soon, as it's nearing the end of it's life. Does any one have ideas on getting a new heating system? Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for posting this, but I prefer to call a professional. Does anyone know of someone who provides <a href="http://www.aquablast.ca/" rel="nofollow">tank cleaning services</a>? I would really appreciate any suggestions.
Thanks for the post, and I think that it's very awesome that for <a href="http://www.thegentlemenplumbersedmonton.com/edmonton_hot_water_tank_replacement.html" rel="nofollow">hot water tank</a> repairs the first step is to locate the water heater. And I think that that is the most important step of them all.
Thank you for sharing, this has been so helpful. I remember a couple summer ago before I moved out my dad wanted me to learn the maintenance on <a href="http://www.thegentlemenplumbersedmonton.com/edmonton_hot_water_tank_replacement.html" rel="nofollow">hot water tanks Edmonton</a>. I can't remember why it never worked but now I have my own place and have one I wish I would have leaned then. But this article has helped so much. Next time I'm gong to have my dad teach me everything about maintenance haha. I learned my lesson.
Thanks for sharing! A lot of people have problems with their <a href="http://www.thegentlemenplumbersedmonton.com/edmonton_hot_water_tank_replacement.html" rel="nofollow">hot water tanks in Edmonton</a> here, which isn't good during the winter especially. Like Toxictom mentioned, I always make sure to keep the receipt with my heater just in case a warranty question comes up.
Besides doing the maintenance suggested in the instructable, I suggest that if you ever have to purchase a new water heater always tape the receipt to it. I have had two water heaters replaced as most have a fairly long warranty. One of them was about 3 days away from expiring and Lowe's replaced it no problem.
Well, after reading your instructable, I cleaned my heather!!! My water heather is a thermos one, it means that It heaths the incoming water AND stores it hot until used. Those heathers have another item that's CRUCIAL : the "sacrifice anode" !! The job of this anode is to sacrifice corroding itself in order for the thermos tank to remain (almost) intact of corrosion.I don't know if the normal (non-thermos) heathers use such kind of device.... It could be accessed in the top, near the chimney, and is visible only as a big bolt, some 22mm to 25mm depending of the brand/model of heather. You MUST cut the incoming water flux, and unscrew that bolt. Then, pull out the anode, which is (as new) a long rod, almost the height of the heather and (new) almost 20mm diameter That rod will be, certainly, corroded more or less, depending of the time It was there, and the particular chemical condition of the local water. It's as simple as replacing the rod with one according to the brand/model of heather. Typically, any rod will serve it's purpose for some 4...5 years. I , once, saw a rod that was untouched for..20 years!!! It was only a thin wire left under a lot of corrosion "powder" I hope that this information, will serve a lot of people, along with TheOneAndOnlyMrP's excellent instructable! Thanks a lot !
What is a heather?<br>
Its the girl from down the street...
You're welcome! Thanks for the input and feedback!
I've never been much of a handy man, but I'd like to be. We've been looking into <a href="http://norfolkplumbinginc.com" rel="nofollow">water heaters in Norfolk</a> but I wonder if maybe ours would be fine if I should did some of this maintenance. Thanks for the help.
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I don't think I have cleaned out my water heater since we moved into our house 4 years ago. I didn't know that I was supposed to. I am glad that you posted this! I will have to get my husband to read it and <a href="http://www.aquablast.ca/" rel="nofollow">clean the tank</a> soon. Where does all of the sediment come from? Is the water not filtered before it flows into the tank?
What is a heather?
You're only draining the tank via gravity. You could vastly increase the flushing action by giving it a &quot;power flush.&quot; After partially draining the tank (before you open the pressure relief valve), close the drain valve. Then open the pressure relief valve to reduce the vacuum. Here is the secret step: open the fill valve to pressurize the heater. You'll hear the water filling the tank. Once the sound stops, you'll have a tank that is mostly filled with water, but with a high-pressure air &quot;bubble&quot; at the top. The whole tank is now pressurized to the same pressure as your incoming water.<br><br>Now open the drain valve again.<br><br>The water in the tank will now be forced out of the drain under high pressure (maintained by the air bubble), doing a much more thorough job of flushing sediments out. Once the sediment is gone, or the pressure inside your tank drops, you can close the drain valve and open some other hot water spigot in the house to let the air bubble out and allow the tank to fill. If you, instead, open the pressure relief valve to let the air out, you'll wander away to do some other chore and return to find water overflowing through the pressure relief valve.
Where do you live that they allow a water heater to be installed like that?
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You're spot on about draining your water heater. Very good Ible. Many years ago I had to replace my water heater. Where I bought the heater the technician told me besides draining the heater, replace the anode rod in the heater every 2 years, and in most cases you'll better than double the life of your heater. He told me he has the same water heater in his house for 23 years. I've been changing mine every 2 years. Its amazing how little of the rod is left after 2 years. My heater is 14 years old.
i keep telling my parents to replace ours... hasn't happened at all. its 14 years old also.
Very good job! I couldn't have said it better myself. I even put a bump on your stars, it's good to see stars .

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