Picture of Water Lamp
Do you like light?  How about water?  Cheap things to make?  Well I have a project that is kinda cool if you can do it right.  And I did it, so you shouldn't have a problem.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Bag of LEDs.jpg
LEDs and Batteries.jpg
Plastic Wrap.jpg
Tape and Scissors.jpg
Watch Batteries.jpg
The materials for this is a bit long, but most of them are really easy to acquire.

-Hearing Aid Batteries***
-Saran Wrap
-SOLO cup
-Water (Not pictured)

*** An easy way to get watch batteries and LEDs are to find really cheap, junky toys at places like Dollar Tree or any dollar store and breaking them open to acquire the goods inside.  I bought 36 "flashlight" toys(picture below) for a total of about $24.  It yielded 108 watch batteries and 36 LEDs.  Buying them separately would be about $13 for a 16 pack of batteries and roughly $2 per LED from Radioshack.

Step 2: Beginning

Picture of Beginning
Taping Batteries.jpg
Final Tape of Batteries.jpg
I'm skipping all the parts about your wonderful shopping trip and how you found so many cheap toys and got all the supplies you needed, and I'm going to start with you at a desk with all the materials.

First you should check your lights by placing a couple of the batteries together and placing the correct node on the correct side to get a light of any color.  Generally speaking, the longer lead, or wire jutting from the light-up section of the LED, goes with the positive (+) side of the battery, and the shorter lead goes with the negative (-) side.

Assuming your LED is working properly, you will then need to pull out a piece of tape about 1.5 inches long.  About 3.8 cm.  Then you will want to carefully place four of the batteries onto the tape, end to end.  See the second picture.

After you have placed the batteries, you'll want to roll the tape around the batteries, securing them tightly.  See third picture.