Step 34:

Cut the necks off bottles #3 and #4 so that the hole left is just big enough to slip over the necks of the spliced bottles.

Take care when doing this step with a knife.
<p>Interesting.<br><br>I wonder though, about shrinking both bottles used in the main construction, still so that one will fit snugly into the other, but enough so that the larger will fit inside an unshrunk one, using unshrunk ones to reinforce the necks.<br><br>This would permit the reinforcing band to be a single unbroken piece and eliminate the need deal with the gap created using a cut band.<br><br>The only issue I can see would be getting the shrinkage right on both bottles.<br><br>It would be possible to double wall the entire double bottle if this could be done, maybe even eliminate the separate reinforcing band. (By cutting one outer sheath bottle long enough to go past the join, and the other to meet it.)<br><br>It would probably be heavier, but might also stand higher pressures.<br><br>I wonder about the pressure transfer tube looping outside the separater assembly...<br><br>Perhaps this could be internalized by using smaller diameter tubing, since it carries only air, diameter shouldn't be a problem. (I have some 1mm &amp; smaller PTF tubing in my parts box.)<br><br>I was looking for a two-stage connector because I have a design for a rocket glider and wanted to try a ducted rocket nozzle, but that assembly would destroy my design's aerodynamics and center of gravity shifting mechanism....<br></p><p>Putting the ducted nozzle on a first stage booster would make it much easier...I had though about ejecting the nozzle at the end of the boost stage. but that would require an ejection mechanism.<br></p><p>A lot of work in the design, thanks for sharing it!</p>
<p>How far it went?</p>
<p>Never mind</p>
<p>sir i want to full construction details </p>
<p>sir i want to full construction details </p>
<p>Amazing Acts of Science brought me to this page! I saw it on the show and I have to do this now before the Summer ends! Thanks for posting.</p>
about time that you got on here

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