Have you ever wished that you could turn water into wine (or at least fruit juice). Well now you can with this magic mystery box. All you have to do is pour in water. Then inside the box a bunch of magic happens. Finally out comes a fine glass of wine.

Step 1: Watch the Video

Here is a video walkthrough of the project.

This is so neat and entertaining!! I'm sure to try it out someday!
<p>My biggest problem is finding a suitable glue for sticking caps and tubings. Most of the times there is a hole which frees air so it stops.</p>
<p>I have the same problem. I tried using hot glue on both side of the caps and it works for about 12 oz but then it stops and when I continue to add water to the funnel to get it going again nothing happens.</p>
<p>Can you also make it with some straws instead of the tubes you're using??</p>
<p>It is possible but it would be a little more difficult.</p>
<p>okay, thanks.</p><p>How should I bend the straws for the best result?</p>
<p>That is entirely dependent on the exact kind of materials that you have to work with. You will just need to do a lot of trial and error.</p>
<p>Very neat trick. Used Gatorade bottles and a large soda bottle top for a funnel. I think if I used a larger tube from the funnel to the first bottle it would push more air into the wine bottle. Gonna try it.</p>
<p>Hahaha Calvin and Hobbes I love it. Super cool instructable. I love siphons!</p>
it's really simple and it's all composed of reused common things, Also is an easy and interesting physics project (heron's fountain), it's a fantastic method to offer something to drink to your friends.Thanks from Italy :)
unique use for a Heron's Fountain
<p>Jesus Christ! That's awesome!</p>
<p>Very clever.. and scientific. ^^</p>
<p>I love this! </p>
<p>It would be great if instead of a box shape, you made it into a human shape with the mouth as the &quot;input&quot; and another part of the body as the wine &quot;output&quot;</p>
<p>Fun Instructible, and fairly simple! Going to have to make this one for the next social gathering! </p>
<p>I always wondered how he did that one 2000 years ago.</p>
I saw a similar trick 2000 years ago.
I love magic tricks. Especially when they involve science.
<p>Your own personal Jesus! I like it</p>
and if you don't mind... will take this to my daughter's daycare as a pre-k science project.
that is very cool!

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