Here's an in-depth tutorial on everything you need to know about Wax 2.0.
Here, we'll cover:
-Opening and importing
-Chroma key and quick 3d
-settings, saving, and exporting as an AVI file

Here's a short video i made using Wax. Of course, this is only using some of th
www.youtube.com/watche many features available.

Step 1: Getting Wax

wax is a FREE download, and a safe one. Just follow this link to the site: http://www.debugmode.com/wax/download.php
<p>Ok, that first vid that crashed was just a smidge over 47 minutes long. So I cut it to a 10 minute video and it still crashed then a 5 minute video and it STILL crashed with the illegal operation. How long should it be before it works? should I ad some sort of plug in or what?</p>
<p>Ok, I've converted a file to AVI and I'm able to import it but when I try to use the blur instance in the direct x I get a message saying 'wax performed an illegal operation'. How do I get it to work right! :(</p>
<p>someone help me? many of my videos for the progam to stand still. some catch and reproduce normally but others do not ...</p>
oh hi! please help me.. -.-'' i;m done rendering it. how will i get the vid? it's not working please help me :&lt;<br><br>send an email:<br>julzgobangco@Gmail.com <br><br><br>thank you :&gt;
Yeah, right, but it WONT import AVI files either...<br />
huh? It imports and exports a only avi. Those are the only video files it tkes, but it does. If you're having trouble importing, try reinstalling it. Actually, when i first got it my computer crashed (unrelated to the program) but it worked when i downloaded it again. Hasn't had a problem like that since. and sometimes you just have to wait between downloads, one of them might work.
It tells me it can't open the file - for any avi I try, regardless of codec.<br />
This is a bit late, but I had the same problem as you. I found that it only ever worked if I selected one avi file and downloaded them one at a time. If I made the mistake of trying to import more at once, it wouldn't work, and even trying to import one at a time didn't work until I closed and re-opened the program.
you sure you haven't tried xvid?
<p>that means that you had a bad download, so wax isn't going to work. try downloading it again, or waiting awhile and trying it again. sometimes that can, even though it wouldn't seem like it would. If it doesn't work after that, it probably just doesn't work for your area or computer. but it was probably a bad download.</p>
&nbsp;hey, i tried clicking on media bin a million times&nbsp;at least,<br /> and&nbsp;nothing&nbsp;happens, this part --&gt; / , gets highlighted and&nbsp;highlighted,..<br /> <br /> help please !<br />
you are clicking on the media bin, like the word printed there? if so, it doesn't do anything. that just indicates where your files are going to pop up. what is it that you want to do, import?

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