Picture of Wearable Bacon Tie
You know, bacon has always been one of my most favorite things, for as long as I can remember. It is never out of popularity, and is always awesome, not to mention tasty!

But I was thinking the other day, how could I possibly keep it with me throughout the day, while keeping my hands and pockets free? Then it came to me: make it into an article of clothing! But a shirt, jacket or pants would just break any bacon apart, and would be really awkward to walk in. So the thing that made most sense to me was a tie. It is easy to wear, plus it is nice and close to your mouth! It is also super-fashionable.

To make this tie, you just need 8 strips of bacon and a broiler pan, as well as a functioning oven.

Step 1: Frame it Out

Picture of Frame it Out

This starts by making the basic shape of the tie (remember to construct this on the broiler pan, so you dont have to transfer it later).

Take 3 of the strips of bacon. Place 2 of the strips in a V shape with the ends overlapping. Cut the other strip in half, and place the two halves together, connecting the two full pieces to create a basic tie shape (Check the picture for placement). I made mine a little wider, but you can do yours as wide or narrow as you want.