Weed Eater Motor Bike(Friction Drive)





Introduction: Weed Eater Motor Bike(Friction Drive)

This is my Weed Eater motor powered bike. It is friction drive, as you can see, and is mounted using steel. We were thinking about aluminum, but it might be to light and not strong enough. the drive shaft is on of the stunt bike pipes. The hardest part was the mounting technique, mainly because the motor hardly have any good mounting spots. Credit to my dad for helping with the mounts, and without using a welding torch! Enjoy!



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    Your invention is awesome, I did the same thing. However your motor is a TORO not a Weed Eater.

    This is very awesome If u could put instructions of how u mounted it and how the throttle was attached and kill switch

    yes, could you make an instructable? i would love to find out how this was attached without welding. since i cant weld.

    How do you put the peg on the clutch shaft? Can you u just thread it with a tap and die? Would it work if you just mounted the clutch shaft against the wheel without the peg on it?

    I thought that you were supposed to give instructions on how to make it

    What size engine is it? And how does the power do with all the weight on it? Like climbing hills?

    For me, that toro would be a very big engine to run on a bmx bike like the one you have... I don't know about how it is to actually ride but for a probably 25-30cc motor I think the size and weight would slow it down.. Just my opinion...

    Yes, but after I modified the attachment system from being forced down to only gravity, it worked a lot better.

    Yeah.. Okay I see why you mean...

    hey I used a 11/16 inch socket as my drive shaft and it doesn't grip the tire well enough because its smooth. Do you think if i get a bike peg that has grooves like yours do you think it will grip better? thanks