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Introduction: What Color Is My Sweater?

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Today I decided to make a sweater, but when I was finished, I couldn't tell what color it was. I asked all my friends what they thought and everyone agreed that it wasn't a very good looking sweater but nobody could give me a straight answer about the colors. Will you help me decide what colors it is?

Step 1: Gathering Supplies

All you'll need to create your color changing sweater is a sweater of one color and some lace of another color and some thread that matches the color of the lace. (Yes, there is some other fabric in that photo that I didn't end up using.)

The only tools you'll need are a sewing machine some pins and some scissors.

Note: Lace may change color, so buy thread that matches it at the time of purchase and cross your fingers that it will still match later.

Step 2: Pin

Start by pinning the lace onto the sweater in stripes. To achieve the best color changing results, I suggest varying the thickness of the lace stripes. If you only have one width of lace double up for the thick stripes and fold it over for the thin ones.

Step 3: Sew

This is where you may start to see some real color shifting. As you sew on more and more stripes the colors will change until it is completely unrecognizable as the original sweater and lace you purchased just hours ago. It is a truly remarkable scientific phenomena that very few on the internet can explain correctly (including me, I have no idea what's going on).

Step 4: Wear It!

All of a sudden, just like that, you're finished. You have created a piece of fashion that will truly wow your friends. It is best viewed with poor lighting and under the lens of a terrible smartphone camera.

If you've done all the steps correctly you should see some remarkable color changing effects.



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    It's blue and black, right?!?!

    What color do you see?

    It depends on which image I am looking at. The one just below "Wear it" is grey with a warm brown lace. Your instruction images are very blue with medium brown lace. my favorite is the flashy one...definitely a party in a sweater!

    Shirts on photographs always have a slightly different colour compared to real life. That's why I always use photoshop to straighten things out :)

    Anyway this idea is really cool.

    I don't see what the problem is.
    It's a bluish grey color and appears rather consistent. So what.

    4 replies

    That's what I thought too, but some people see it differently.

    They probably are color blind or something.

    Whoah there! That's a little mean, isn't it? Some people percieve things differently than others, so the colors are different. And also, on cameras you can use different settings to make the shirt seem like it's a different color.

    By no means was my intent to be mean in any way. I was simply stating a fact that said people are probably color blind or something.

    Your sweater color is photoshop hue-saturation :D

    White and gold! This is sort of getting old. Good 'ible though:)

    What color do you see?