"Trying to tune a year-old drumhead is like polishing a turd." I laughed when I first heard this saying but in reality, it's true. Drumheads are like guitar strings and t-shirts: after an extended period of use they get worn out and lose tension. With drumheads, however, the amount of abuse they have to endure on a regular basis spells trouble for their livelihood. In other words, they can only take so much of a beating.

Every drummer is forced to change out their drumheads at some point, even if they don't want to. If you need help with replacing and tuning your new drumheads, check out my instructable HERE. When drumheads are changed out, thousand of them are thrown out across the world every year. Drumheads can have many uses even after they have been beaten to death.

Don't contribute to the growing waste problem by throwing out your old drumheads (this goes for just about anything you own). With a little ingenuity and planning, you can turn these worthless heads into several cool items that can save you money and serve a useful function.

Step 1: Paint Them

With me, an excess of paint supplies and beaten-to-death drumheads means that I get the urge to attempt to summon some creativity. If you are a drummer and enjoy art, this is really a match made in heaven. Painting your old drumheads not only gives you something to do with your old, beat up heads, but it saves you money on canvases, reduces waste from just throwing them out, gives you something to do when you're bored and can be a nice addition to your living space.

As a college student, I fell in love with this idea because of the reasons listed above, and I must admit, I am glad I saved so many used drumheads from years past. Here are a few examples of some things I have done:
I have 12 old drumheads I dont want to throw away! Can I send them to you? Email me at stitchallmanager@gmail.com!
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Awesome. I just bought a cheap shell kit, but bought a better set of heads at the same time. I was totally wondering if muffle rings were made of the same material and if the old heads would work. Thanks for the confirmation.
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