Picture of Whiteboard Erasing Robot
My entry for the Microcontroller contest is a whiteboard cleaning robot. The goal of this project was to create a robot which could erase written text on a whiteboard completely autonomously, i.e. no human interface. The processes involved in this project included devising a method for the robot to search a whiteboard for text, designing a way to physically move a robot to the text, and enabling a robot to erase the text.

Step 1: Parts/System Break Down

Picture of Parts/System Break Down
whiteboard 006.jpg
Parts Included:
Arduino Mega
Arduino Mega Protoshield, with 2 mini breadboards and jumpers
3 VEX motors
BlueSmirf Bluetooth Adapter (located in the yellow VEX case with antenna)
RoboRealm Vision Software
VEX linear sliders
VEX Rack and Pinion gears
VEX 9.6V Battery
4 VEX small wheels
Vex metal, screws, etc.

This project is made up of two main sections. The first section is the actual robot. The robot in theory is somewhat simple. It consists of a base with two wheels which rides on a whiteboard track. The base design allows the robot to cover the entire x-axis of the whiteboard. To move on the y-axis, the robot uses linear sliders to move an arm up and down. Attached to the end of the arm is a dry-eraser that does the actual erasing. 

Building the robot is not hard.  It just consists of 2 motors which each respectively drive 2 small VEX wheels.
athello2 months ago

This is incredible! It's an amazing project...you should do a full tutorial on it!

Just a thought: If you wanted to make it more efficient, it would be neat if you could attach something like this to the robot instead. It might take less time as opposed to using the smaller eraser :)

kira914 months ago
hi sir your project was amazing can you please send me the circuit diagram? Thank you sir..
AllenKll6 months ago

Nice Project, you should do an Instructable on it. You know, where you actually instruct someone on how to recreate it.

JamesonO9 months ago

could you send me the circuit diagram too...


jpeg_nyit1 year ago

Hey what webcam did you use exactly?

tbao1 year ago
Could you send me a diagram of your eraser whiteboard robot?
I would like to build it
Viper05181 year ago
U mad!??!?! This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jacob11123 years ago
How did you use the vex receiver module with the Arduino?
Where's the webcam on this?
zazenergy4 years ago
This is really cool! Next time, please take a video so we can see it in action :)
Mavamaarten4 years ago
That's pretty awesome. Is there by any change a video of this thing in action ?
belmont524 years ago
i would deffinatly like to see a video of this
Try implementing a center of gravity below the track, similar to what you see on steady cam rigs (or tightrope walkers). You do it by placing weight on an arm that hangs under the robot. That will make it much more stable.
TheHawkeye4 years ago
It'd be cool if you could scan and save an image of the board!
vishalapr4 years ago
Very nice! Have a look at my ibles as well, rated 5*
21GeeOff214 years ago
12grahamb (author)  21GeeOff214 years ago
No sorry. Unfortunately I made this in school and my video camera was messed up at the time. I have already taken the robot apart because I needed the parts for another project. I am hoping to build this again and film it after summer break.
I really would like to see this in action. A whiteboard erasing robot is a very good improvement for classrooms. Make the world a better place ;-)
nufi4 years ago

cool project! You could even improve if you would save the "scanned" text into a picture and transfer it by bluetooth.