Picture of ATtiny & IR remote control Wiebelbot
Make this 5,5 cm tall ATtiny based robot wobble with almost any IR remote.

Put it next to your TV and it shows its happiness each time you use your remote (This way at least someone gets some movement). Or you can have it dance to the signal of your sound system.

It's USB powered, so you can connect it to a USB port on a modern TV or any other USB type power source, so you can put it anywhere and use almost any remote to make it move at your will.

I made it as a present for a colleague and friend (she likes nerdie things). I called it Wiebelbot, as in Dutch (my native language) “wiebelen” means “to wobble”. The names wobblebot and wobble bot are already used by a number of completely different projects.

The simple and cheap remote control setup used can be applied in animatronics and many other applications.  I estimate the parts and materials cost less than 10 euro in total (I made it completely out of stuff I had laying around). The challenge when making the Weeblebot was in keeping it small. Building it somewhat larger, based on a larger ball would make things a lot easier. This Ible presumes some basic electronics and soldering skills. If you have some basic experience with Arduino (like me) it could make a great first ATtiny project.

Many thanks for the nice comments and the votes!
krishnasgwd5 months ago

sooo impressed...thanx fr sharing,,keep posting more..

masynmachien (author)  krishnasgwd5 months ago
It's sooo cute!!! <3
TangMu2 years ago
Awesome! If you do go for in internal battery it could possibly pull double duty and act as the ballast hanging off the servo horn... that is if it fits....
masynmachien (author)  TangMu2 years ago

In a next build I would keep al electronic and electric parts together. I could have the servo, battery and all serve as ballast. I would need to find a good place to put the IR receiver module though, also moving then. Maybe If I could make an IR transparant body...
How cute can something be???
Well, this project gave cute a new name: Wiebelbot.

ynze2 years ago
Fantastic! I was wondering how I could make my Vibrobots (bibberbeestjes) IR controlled. I think you just led the way :-D
FoamboardRC2 years ago
This is soo cool! This deserves a vote and a patch!
Tomdf2 years ago
It really is a cute little fella. That's a novel idea, putting it next to the TV so that it responds to your channel surfing. Nice work.
wobbler2 years ago
How could I not approve! It even looks like me!
ChrysN2 years ago
It is so adorable!