I just found out about this Steampunk challenge and with only one day to make I had to come up with something simple and easy.This will also make it easier to make for people with not many technical skills.

Materials :
-metal heating pipe(or any other metal pipe)
-one or two pipe clamps

-pipecutter(or saw but a pipecutter gives you cleaner cuts)
-drill (a drill press is optional but makes work much,much easier and less tiring)
-metal file

For the electroplating you need:
-glass vessel
-batteries(old batteries are great for this)
-piece of copper
-leads with clips
-vinegar(I used the kind meant for cleaning)

Step 1: Pick That Pipe

Step one:
Find your metal pipe,I found mine in a skip.But if you are not so lucky you can make a trip to the DIY store.
Cut your pipe to size,my wind chime has 6 pieces,but you can make it as big as you want of course.
Then it's time to drill some holes.Clamp the piece of pipe in a vice and use a drill or drill press to make a through a through hole.
I strongly recommend using a vice no matter if you use a drill press or not.It is not easy drilling holes in metal pipe and a slipping
drill can lead to holes in the wrong places.
Looks cool, I bet it sounds nice too.

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