Windows 7 Starter: Easy way to change wallpaper

Step 4: Final Thoughts

Picture of Final Thoughts
This way of wallpaper change was successful on an English and Polish installs of Windows 7 Starter and if applied properly should not cause any problems***. There happened only one problem during my experiments with this application. It froze leaving me with nothing apart from old wallpaper and the window i had active. This is how i dealt with this problem:

Freeze problem:

If you got stuck with nothing on screen apart from your old wallpaper (happened to me once) and it's been like this for too long follow these steps
1.) do the Ctrl+Alt+Del combination
2.) click on "Start Task Manager"
3.) Click on "File" menu which is on the left upper corner
4.) Click on "New task..(Run)"
5.) Type: explorer.exe and hit enter
6.) Quit "My Colors" application and try again :)

Stuck Icons problem (found on mycolors forum, post by user Dewie [link]:


"Install and try the process listed below.
In IconPackager, under Settings>System Settings you can use the 'Rebuild Icon Cache' and Repair Icon Images buttons, which should help with this issue. If not, try the Repair Shell Icons... button and select "Repair shell icons for all processes" and click OK."

***I do not take any responsibility if you will break your windows or anything else by using this instructable (and i think you would have to do something reaaaly wrong with it to fail :P).

There are of course different ways of performing this, with homebrew applications. I didn't write about them as some people claimed that it didn't work for some language versions different than English (e.g. Polish). If you wish i would be more than honored to also present you these options as they don't require installing "MyColors". This way is also the most simple and quick method. Only drawback is that you have to change the original window theme, but me and Mr. "Think Green" are going along quite nicely ^^.

I spent a lot searching for a way to change my background on this windows edition, and i hope this instructable will make it easier for others who also do seek for ways of ommiting dumb Windows 7 Starter restriction. Thanks go to my lovely Angel, because she was inspiration for this instructable :)

Next time we will change logon appearance ;)


Visit this thread on Mycolors forum: [link]

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cretener3 years ago
I've been dying to change my wallpaper ever since I got this netbook, and now I can thanks to you! Ah, I love you.
JediJon3 years ago
This has been an awesome aid to me getting rid of that god awful windows wallpaper.....I tried everything and now have my own wallpaper on there At Last!!!!!
This is what mine looks like now.....
screen capture.jpg
cryan132 years ago
hi can you help me i did everything in the step by step everything installed fine but when i logged back on to my laptop the wallpaper i selected had disappeared i tried re applying it but for some reason it wont appear on the desktop is there anything i can do im so sick of looking at that bloody windows logo
Thanks a lot man ! :)
It really work ! 201% XD
ryan45444 years ago
thnks you so mch....
pauloq984 years ago
zephyro4 years ago
Great..... ive been searching for a week for these... thanks
whewww... thanks a lot... it was a big help for us... that was very useful... and now my windows is confident in changing its background and themes.. thanks!!!1
eelaj5 years ago
After restarting, I can not log in to my window. Only the new background image with windows logo, ease to access icon on lower left, shutdown option icon on lower right. There are no ways accept click the shutdown button. I tried to restore my windows to the original setting, but somehow the recovery partition was also corrupted. Pressing F11 after reboot also didn't work. I don't have a recovery CD. Please help. How do I go from here.
qwexl5 years ago
thanks man it so useful ....
silvino5 years ago
Hey Ollus, I was able to figure it out! Thanks for everything.  It works great.  I had not read your complete step four.  Thanks again.