I made this functional wine barrel costume for halloween 2012.  Wine is gravity fed from a camelbak out the spigot in front.

Parts required:
- Camelbak + backpack (reusable after)
- faux-wood flooring
- Thin wood strips (mine were ~1x0.25)
- Small pieces of wood quarter round
- Metal strapping with holes
- Small bolts and nuts
- Vinyl tubing (sized to fit tightly over your camelbak hose)
- Barbed to NPT adapter
- 90 degree female-female NPT
- Small NPT spigot with male NPT end
- Large washer (should fit over the male end of the spigot but not past it)
- 1/4" rope

- Drill + bits
- Wood glue
- Screwdriver
- Small crescent wrench
- Normal crescent wrench
- Pliers
- Teflon pipe tape
- Wine!
- Exacto knife
- Printer
- Spray Paint
- Duct tape

Step 1: Inner Frame

Determine the the size of the frame for your barrel (this will define the diameter).  The frame should be a rectangle slightly larger than your torso as measure from a few inches under your armpits.  Make sure the frame is large enough that it will slide down over your body with your arms above your head (at the diagonal).

Cut your thin strips of wood to size.  Cut small pieces of quarter round (or similar) to act as corner braces.  Assemble the frame using glue and carefully staple the corners for extra strength.  You will need to use clamps to hold the frame tight while the glue dries.  It's challenging to get the frame to hold a nice rectangle under clamping force.  I found it helpful to form two "L" shaped sections, let them dry, and then assemble into the rectangle.
<br> <br>Halloween is about creativity and you got it! <br>Nice job.!!.check out mine what u think? I made mine out of card boards and tape lol Vote if you like show some love in return :-) leave comments tell me what you think..

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