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Hello guys! If you are the kind of people that tend to keep empty bottles here and there and don't know what to do with them after, we thought that this DIY idea would be nice for you since it's not that complicated and all you need is a wooden board of 48" x 32".

Step 1: Some Things You'll Need!

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You'll use...

a wooden board aprox, 48" x 32" (but you can get a diffrent size depending on your design).

empty wine bottles ( we used 12, but you know, its up to you)

a long piece of paper, to draw some circles ( in our case it's about 15" long)

a pencil

a thumbtack


a painting brush

measuring tape

You'll need some tools like

a drill, and a drill bid 1 1/4

a high speed jigsaw

and a single sandpaper

and some safety wear like gloves, glasses, and a face mask.

Step 2: Divide This Baby in Half.

Picture of Divide This Baby in Half.

Ok, first of all we'll measure the height that's 32", put a mark half that measure (16") and draw a line that goes through the mark and all the board, this line will divide our board in half.

We'll proceed to draw a 13" circle over this line, too big, we know. That's what the piece of paper is all about.

Step 3: Let's Draw Some Circles.

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On the piece of paper you'll make two marks, with a 13" distance between the two of them.

Use your thumbtack to make a hole over this marks, now you have two little holes with a 13" distance between them.

Place the thumbtack in one of the holes in the piece of paper, make sure you're on the line you drew a while ago, then proceed to put the pencil on the other hole.

Move the pencil back and forth, and there, you'll have a circle with a 13" radius. We'll name it circle number 1.

Measure a distance of 24" aprox. (take a reference form circle 1) go ahead and draw circle number 2 with the exact same procedure, except that this time our circle 2 we'll be a lot smaller, with a radius of 9". Use the same piece of paper to make a 9 " distance between the new holes.

Step 4: Egg Shaped.

Picture of Egg Shaped.

Okay, so now you have two circles on each side of the board.

Place a point in the middle of circle 1, then draw a line side to side. This will divide our circle in half. Use that as a reference to draw a line through the tangent of circle 1 and 2. Do the same on the other side.

The shape of our table should look something like an egg shaped figure.

Step 5: The Tricky Part.

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Now, this is all about placing the points where we'll later drill some holes, that way the bottles will have access to support the board.

Let's focus on circle 1. Remember we placed a middle point in circle 1? We'll part from there.

From the centered point we'll measure 6.5" and make a mark, then measure 10.5" and make another mark.

On the first mark (6.5") we'll draw a line that goes side to side of circle 1 again, let's name it line A. Do the same on the second mark (10.5") that'll be line B.

Focus line A, let's part from the point that's on the center of this line, make a mark over 4" and 8". Do the same, parting form the center of the line, but to your left.

On line B, you'll do the same, part from the center point of this line and measure 2.5" on your left, and 2.5" on your right.

On circle 2 we should also locate a center point from where we'll part. Let's measure 2.5" and make a mark and draw line C, then 6.5" and make another mark and draw line D.

From the middle of line C, we'll measure 4.5" left and right and mark. From the middle of line D, we'll go 2.5" left and right.

Since circle 2 is smaller, there are less marks for less bottles.

Step 6: Drill and Cut.

Picture of Drill and Cut.

Let's use our drill bid 1 1/4, once we drill the hole on the marks, the size of the drill bid we'll leave an exact diameter of 3", enough for the bottle to go through the board.

NOTE: try not to drill the middle pont of line D and B, since we only left space for two bottles to fit on that line.

After that we'll use our high speed jigsaw to cut the figure of our table out of the board. you can cut it from piece to piece or go all the way through.

Step 7: Tune Up.

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This is the fun part where you'll spend your time grooming your table.

Use the sandpaper to clear any imperfection from the holes, or the edges of the table. You can even pass the sandpaper on the top of the table make it smooth.

After that, let's galze it up ! It will give our table brightness and color.

Then you can place it over the bottles of wine.

Step 8: Enjoy!

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Thanks for watching!


buck2217 (author)2015-07-01

Good idea (as if I ever have any empty wine bottles!!)

Sdcagt (author)2014-11-29

I really like this table and am curious to know how stable it is. Any feedback?

breumer (author)2014-09-22

Awesome idea ! Now i know what to do with my empty wine bottles !

torchbearer (author)2014-09-14

very nice and simple

shankybatra (author)2014-09-05

love the idea.
it looks pretty cool and modern. way to reuse ..

BLR_RAVI (author)2014-09-05

great idea..refreshing and beautifully made

fercarbar (author)2014-09-05

Excellent, congratulations, simple but nice

kbc2 (author)2014-09-04

that is way cool!!! very nice.... and classy too!

seamster (author)2014-09-04

Looks great!

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