I don't know how many of you are wine drinkers, but in this house we drink plenty of it. I always save the corks so I can do something nifty with them. Well, today I filled up my jar of corks and decided it was time to empty it to make room for more. I just couldn't figure out what to do with them until I looked at my naked Christmas tree. So here is my simple tutorial on how to make my wine cork garland.

Here's what you'll need:

Hemp or twine (and a kitty to chew on it while you try to take a picture of your supplies, thanks Luna)
Some beads, or trinkets, or charms
Eye screws (enough to screw one on each end of the cork)
Hot glue gun or the ability to tie knots
Wine corks (as many as you want. I used 16 wine corks, but if I had more I would of strung them closer together)

Step 1:

First, grab a cork and 2 eye screws. You'll screw one eye screw into each end.

Just like this... ta-da! Now take your hemp and go to your Christmas tree (or measure out a good length of hemp) and kinda wrap it around the tree to see how much you'll need. Since I was using 16 corks I cut my piece into 16 pieces and then cut out 2 extra strands to use on the ends.
Very cute idea! I love the way it looks with those big beads!
So cute! A novel idea to use corks. Good job.

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