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I have an over abundance of wine corks in my house. Because of this over abundance I am always trying to find new ways to use wine corks.

What You'll Need:
Wine Cork
an 'Eye" screw
a small finishing nail
wire (I used copper)
a chain
needle nose pliers

Step 1:

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Take your cork and poke a hole into it. I used a pumpkin carving tool for this. Insert your wire into the hole.

Step 2:

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Take your eye screw and screw it into one end, put your finishing nail in the other end.

Step 3:

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Start wrapping the wire around in a criss cross pattern. I was lucky as my cork came with a criss cross pattern already inked on it! When you get to the nail wrap the wire around once, when you get the eye screw do the same thing and wrap it around once. Then hang on a chain when done.

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sunshiine (author)2012-03-10

This is a clever idea! Thanks for sharing.

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