DIY Wire & Seed-Bead Bracelet





Introduction: DIY Wire & Seed-Bead Bracelet

There's nothing much to say... I was in class, doodling and randomly came up with the idea of making this bracelet. I made the bracelet in my head (like I always do!) and made 1 as soon as I came home. It was so easy to make, turned out pretty nice so I had to share the tutorial.

Anyways, grab the materials and go make one, it won't take much time and you'll love it :)

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this bracelet you'll need:

  1. Craft wire - 18 gauge,
  2. Jewelry pliers,
  3. Seed bead (color of your choice),
  4. Ruler or anything to measure ,
  5. Round object that fits your bracelet size.

Step 2: Making Wire Coils

Hold the wire from an end without cutting it from the bundle,

Use the looping plier to make wire coils, make sure to make neat wire coils.

The wire coils I made were 3 cm long.

You will need 6 wire coils for each bracelet.

After making the wire coils bend them slightly to give them a round shape so that they can fit into the bracelet.

Step 3: Making the Bracelet

Measure your bracelet size (lengthwise) and add half an inch extra. Mine was 6 inches so I had to cut 6.5 inches long wire.

Use the looping plier to make a small loop at any end of the wire,

Carefully wrap the wire around a round object that fits your bracelet size. I used my hair spray bottle.

Keep the other end open for now.

Step 4: Beading the Bracelet

First insert a wire coil into the wire bracelet, through the open end,

Now insert seed beads and stop beading once the beads reach near the center,

Insert another wire coil and then repeat the previous steps,

Keep 1.5 cm intact at the end, you will need to make another loop for closing.

Make 1 more bracelet similarly.

Step 5: Attaching Bracelets

Make 2 jump rings,

Place the 2 bracelets one over another, matching their loops on both ends,

Attach the jump rings with the loops on both ends to join the 2 bracelets together.

Step 6: Closure

Cut a small piece of wire (8 cm),

Bend the wire into half and use flat nose plier to tighten the bend,

Use looping plier to bend the wire again to create a hook-like pattern,

Again, use the looping plier to create a loop on the other end,

Simply attach the hook with the bracelet through the jump ring on any one side.

You can add extra jump rings or chains for adjusting the size of the bracelet.

Done! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and please share pictures if you make one :)



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    Love it, it is so cute. My friends and I love to bead.

    This has been one of the best projects to follow with the instructions so clear and straight forward thank you for sharing i have made all different colours as it was a great way to use up left over wire from other projects. my family have been given them for easter gifts. Thank you for the insperation.

    this is a darling craft and idea thank you so very much for sharing your kindness and love god bless you so much love donise grace amen feb 22,2015

    Cool!! I loved the way you made hook with those wires.

    This is really attractive and inspirational - can't wait to have a go. What gauge wire did you use for the bracelet part?

    Thank you so much! Share a picture if you make one :) I used 18 gauge wire but you can also use 20 gauge.

    Thank you - I will try to get the wire and if my bracelet works out well, I will definitely post a picture. It may take me several goes to get it right!

    Oh and thanks for sharing your idea by the way.

    Simple, clear instructions for a very nice piece! Thanks for sharing........