Picture of Wire skeleton wings
I made these wire skeleton wings for a friend's birthday a few years ago. You'll have to forgive me if the steps are a bit hazy.

Materials needed:
  • 1 spool of 9 gauge wire (maybe 20 feet)
(Check the chain link fence dept. of home depot)
  • 1 spool of 12 gauge wire (maybe 10 feet)
(I believe I got it in the department mounting things to the ceiling.)
  • 1 3' 1/8" metal rod
  • JB Weld (maybe 3 tubes)
  • Lots of silver ribbon]
  • 1" black webbing (maybe 5')
  • Buckles

Tools needed:
  • Wire / bolt cutters

Note on wire: In gauges, the smaller the number the thicker the wire. So a 9 gauge wire the thicker, sturdier wire, and the 12 gauge is the thinner stuff.

Step 1: Prep

Picture of Prep
You'll want to cover the surface area with something. I used a piece of fabric, which both kept junk off the carpet, and provided contrast so that pins and other small pieces didn't get lost.
The Mad Thinker made it!10 months ago

Thanks for the great instructable. I made a pair for my wife this Halloween. I did weld them (using a MIG), and smoothed out the joints using a grinder and wire brush attachment.

ethernight (author)  The Mad Thinker9 months ago

Thanks so much for posting the pictures! It made my day to see that you got use out of my instructable--they look great! It's cool that you could weld them--I always wanted to learn for projects like this.

Hope you guys had a great halloween!

One last question. How would you go about putting it on and wearing it. That seems to be the only thing I missed out of the instructables. Im guessing it has something to do with the buckles.
Could you weld these together and have it still work if you smoothed it out?
ethernight (author)  Phsycoduckie4 years ago
I assume! I didn't know how to weld at the time, and I've still never worked with such thin materials. But I'm sure someone who is skilled at it could easily make it work!
Ms.Stabs5 years ago
I love those gonna have to do that for Halloween
downgrade6 years ago
That's pretty cool, too bad I already got mine tattooed on.
mg0930mg6 years ago
Cool. How long did it take to make.
ethernight (author)  mg0930mg6 years ago
It was awhile ago, so I'm not sure. I would guess I spent several hours per night on it for a week, possibly two.
Nice job!
pirateykris6 years ago
Very cool! I likes it. Now, just need an occasion/excuse to work up a pair... :)
JakeTobak6 years ago
wow, that's awesome.